Google Down the Line!: Peter Bodo rails against ATP CEO role, gets all "Negative Nancy" on our ass

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Peter Bodo rails against ATP CEO role, gets all "Negative Nancy" on our ass

Either Peter Bodo's having a tough go-of-it in the hallowed halls of TENNIS mag or he's just plain over it. But someone's having a temper tantrum.

In his blog for, Bodo discusses the prospects of the new ATP CEO and does his absolute worst at selling the "thankless" position to anyone with intelligence or, at the very least, someone with good intentions:

If you're hoping some new messiah will emerge to bring bliss to the ATP and tennis fans worldwide, I have news for you: It ain't gonna happen. That's because no hard-charging boy wonder (or corporate veteran) would want this job. As Etienne de Villiers learned, the ATP tribe is a restless one, constantly bickering and feuding. It is more inclined to burning its leaders at the stake than to adopting the discipline of a highly trained work force that will march toward a better future in lockstep.
Wow, bitter much? I know Bodo has been around the sport since it was invented (say the 19th century) so he's seen the ups, downs, and nasty in-betweens and knows a lot of what he speaks about. But is this editorial, which will most likely have a wider audience on than his spindly one at, helping the situation at all? Or is that the point??

Bodo ends by peering into his crystal tennis ball:
I'm predicting that the ATP won't hire a strong visionary leader, because I'm not sure any person who fits that description would want the job. The next CEO will be an "insider" who is most acceptable as a negotiator among self-interested parties. Let's be frank about this: It's a job for an I-dotter and a T-crosser, not a visionary.
We get it Bodo. It's a tough role with complex challenges and separate, sparring international entities all wanting their interests accounted for and questions answered. But do you have to be such a "Negative Nancy"? It's the holidays dude. Cheer up.

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  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    After being Rafaless and tennisless for a week, I wake up to this beeyoutiful pic. Thanks, Rich! Now all is right with the world.

  2. Natch: I love that you're just responding to the Rafa pic. You're adorable!! :)

    As for Bodo's rant, I think it will have the opposite effect he's probably hoping for. He just sounds like an a**hole here. And if you're so pissed off about what the direction you think the ATP is heading in, why don't YOU do something about it? Or do you not have the guts to be that visionary that you so desperately want to see in this position? Put up or shut up, I say.

  3. Johanne,

    Once I see Rafa...all other thoughts go out of my head. Mmmm...Rafa....what was I saying? Put out in any position?? Okay, if you insist. (Good thing I work out);)

  4. The only thing that seems to cheer Bodo up talking ad nauseum about Pete Sampras or trotting off to "the game-rich Andes" and killing things.

  5. natch: LOL totally! I think I said "mmm Rafa" as one of my comments this week. It's like one mind ;)

  6. Lib: LOL! so true - he hearts Pete in a big way and those trips he takes. do we really need to know all that?

    natch + johanne: "mmm Rafa" is ubiquitous around these here parts y'all.

    actually it's more like "_____ Rafa" - fill in the blank at your own discretion.

  7. You mean as in, "I'd love to ____ Rafa."???

  8. Rafa please ______ me.

    Tee hee.


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