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Monday, December 15, 2008

+ MONDAY NETCORDS: The cover wars - Shrieka vs. ReRe...The Hewitts add another...Another ass-et admirer revealed!

* Maria Sharapova will be appearing on the cover and inside story for Women's Health magazine's January/February 2009 issue. The Russian glamazon also got into the holiday spirit by decorating her Manhattan Beach home recently. But unlike last year, there were no sightings of Dolce around the digs or a new-fangled hairdo for 2009. Fine - as long as she stays away from the dreaded soccer-mom "up-do". Scary.

* Congratulations to Aussie hothead Lleyton Hewitt and wife, Bec, who welcomed new son Cruz Hewitt on December 11. The pair already have three-year old daughter Mia

* Speaking of Lleyton, he's currently training and recovering from the hip surgery he underwent in August with the hope of re-entering the ATP Top 10. The former World No.1 is spending at least 6 hours a day mixing in fitness and on-court work. "I actually enjoy it. If you’re fit you’re playing most weeks on tour. So this is a good opportunity for me not just to look at the Australian summer, but also the 2009 calendar. Hopefully, I can get my body in as good a shape as possible to see me right through next year," says Lleyton. Honestly, I don't see him making it back into the Top 10 - it's pretty crowded with ballers who are much stronger, fitter, and have superior games.

* TENNIS' Kamakshi Tandon looks back at the historical happenings of tennis in 1968. Included is the historic announcement by Wimbledon the year before to allow amateurs and professionals to enter the major tourney in '68. Fun fact: Roland Garros ended up being the first "open" Grand Slam due to the timing of the settlement allowing pros to play at the majors.

* Paralympian Chantal Petitclerc, who owns 21 career gold medals in wheelchair racing, is a big fan of tennis and an even bigger fan of Rafael Nadal and his famous ass-ets. Chantal told the National Post, "I think every girl is looking forward to next season to see what colour of Capri pants Nadal is wearing. Yes, he is, ah...yes." I concur. I mean, just check the DtL comment section Chantal. You...are...not...alone. (that's for you johanne!)

* The Bernard Tomic saga continues: Papa John publicly apologizes...

* Marta Domachowska has a website - didn't you know?

*'s Joel Drucker picks his Best Baller of the Year

* Serena Williams is one of a number of celebrities featured on the cover of Vibe magazine's annual "Tabloid Issue" for January '09 featuring the Best and Worst of 2008. ReRe, along with rap star Nelly, are both shown above the category of "Hottest Bodies". I guess it must be all those intense warm up exercises she does.

* James Blake is giving up his autographed stick for charity to benefit the Thomas Blake, Sr. Memorial Cancer Research Fund. Want it? Bid here.

(images Women's Health via Drop Shots, Vibe)


  1. Come on Maria you can decorate your xmastree a lot better than that :P She looks good though, The cover looks pretty too. I can't wait for her to come back again, just a couple more weeks.

  2. I think she looks good on the cover too - very natural, relaxed looking, no hard hat. Hehehehe...

    I'm excited to see Shrieka back. I'm sure she'll have some tough losses on her return but hopefully the shoulder will stay healthy - that's the biggest thing.

  3. Hell yes, Rich! This is almost too much! A double shot caramel mocha Rafa latte with extra whip cream, just for me?! You're too kind. Muchas gracias :D

  4. always a pleasure to discuss tennis' most infamous ass-ets. rafa needs to insure them or do an imprint at mann's chinese theater...something!

  5. That Petitclerc woman got it absolutely right about Rafa: "his primal energy", "very instinctive, very aggressive", and it's so true he has a nice behind.

    My kind of woman.

    "Yes, he is, ah...yes."

    You can say that again.

  6. Rafa fix alert.

    Shirts for Rafa - Iker malaria event soccer match are shown.

    The boyz are here, presenting them to a Madrid politico:

  7. Same event as above - but look at Rafa's thighs in those JEANS!!!

  8. Congrats to Lleyton & Bec,nice they got a little boy.

  9. What an ugly fat tree Maria has there!And all decorations look like her dog Dolce!Yeeiks!

  10. I just got a Rafa latte looking at that a$$.
    See that? All the blood left my head.

  11. "Yes, he is, ah...yes."

    You rock Chantal! This might be the most eloquent and dead-on description of His Rafaness I've ever heard!

    BTW Maria's tree is insanely ugly. LOL


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