Google Down the Line!: + MONDAY NETCORDS: Ana gets "sexy" for Sport & Style L'Equipe...Steffi gets sued...Stretch gets his Booty

Monday, December 8, 2008

+ MONDAY NETCORDS: Ana gets "sexy" for Sport & Style L'Equipe...Steffi gets sued...Stretch gets his Booty

* Ana is everywhere, for better or worse. The wannabe Serbian sex-kitten posed for the cover, some inside shots, and video of Sport & Style L'Equipe while cutesy Anando were spotted getting more smiley + smoochy back in Mallorca.

Boytoy Nando, though, lost his exo match against compatriot Tommy Robredo at the Master-Copa del Ray 6-1, 5-7, 4-6 while Ana looked on...I suspect more actual practicing might be in order here. Check out more images from Sport & Style L'Equipe at Women's Tennis Blog.

* Frenchie Cedric Pioline defeated Pete Sampras then saved a match point against Greg Rusedski 6-7(4), 7-6(3), 11-9 (Champions’ Tie Break) on his way to his first BlackRock Masters title. "I took my chances and it worked,” said Cedric.

* A newly single Serena Williams is out of the Hopman Cup citing a hamstring injury she sustained during the WTA Championships last month. ReRe will be replaced by a resurfacing Meghann Shaughnessy. Wait - didn't she withdraw from the Championships with a stomach muscle pull? Whatever. She'd be better off "spraining" her ankle - at least she could still surf on that one.

* Good news for Lleyton Hewitt: the Aussie hothead is still recovering from hip surgery but is set to return at the Hopman Cup. I guess all the Aussie eyes will be on Lleyton and whether he can make it out of the mixed-team tourney unscathed - stay tuned.

* Kei Nishokori seems to be having an off-season romance of his own with table tennis star Ai Fukuhara but still managed to win the Celebrity Invitational in the Bahamas. Note to Nando: you may want to give Kei a call...just sayin'!

* Perry Rogers, a long-time friend and former agent to Andre Agassi and former ATP board member, filed a lawsuit on Friday against Andre's wife, Steffi Graf (still can't call her Stefanie.) The German tennis star allegedly owes Perry and his Alliance Sports Management Company $50,000 for service rendered and that "Graf agreed to pay Rogers' company 15 percent of all business ventures once an investment account had reached $20 million. Graf stopped paying Rogers' after the October split with Agassi, the suit claims."

Agassi released the following statement: "Several weeks ago, my agent, manager and lawyer, Perry Rogers, and I decided to sever our business relationship. At that time, I had every hope that we could do so amicably and in the interest of maintaining our long-term friendship.

"As a result, I am both saddened and disappointed to learn that Perry has filed a lawsuit, and sadder still that he has sued my wife, Stefanie.

"I remain hopeful that we will be able to resolve our business issues with minimal damage to our families and mutual friends."

What a sad turnaround for these two long-time friends. Another example of why mixing business + friendship isn't always the best option.

* Check out the oversized Head Metallix 6, for the big-headed ballers on your gift list

* James Larosa for the Tennis Channel gives his rundown of the best women's matches of 2008 and a certain pair of swingin' sisters top the list.

* 4-time Grand Slammer Jim Courier gives his picks on the young guys to watch in Melbourne while Johnny Mac talks Player of the Year (any guesses???)

* Stretch looks to be gettin' his Booty back...

(images via Women's Tennis Blog, HCFoo, What's All the Racquet)


  1. you know, that cover picture of ana's trumps all, and i mean ALL, of shrieka's fashion mag photos all year. imagine if ana was more popular in the US, she'll literally be everywhere. anyway, thanks for posting that lovely photo of hers, it made my day.

  2. I personally think that Masha's alomost-to-see-booty picture, with her legs exposed trumps all of pics of tennis pin-ups EVER!Ana is standardly beautiful, in every editorial she makes, but I don't see anything special on this cover-pic.And when Masha comes back it will be again it's all about Masha.But Ana has developed in many senses, and it's great to have both of them looking great, and conquering the tennis court and magazines.I love competition, it only brings more excitment to the tour!And more interesting stuff to follow.

  3. To me, Ana is def. takes a MUCH better pictures then Sharapova..
    but now days it seems these players
    take more pictures then they play tennis!!!
    Tennis is what got them to this stardom on the first place...GET BACK TO TENNIS, wannabe "models"..please!

  4. I like both of them but I like Ana more when she isn't trying to "vamp" it up like Shrieka, though she's not great at doing it either. But she can pull of the long-legged shots, showing more skin, sexpot, etc.

    I like the cover of Ana and I think she could be good at doing this kind of editorial - high fashion, pretty, elegant. But not FHM, not Maxim, and definitely not doing booty shots. It really doesn't come natural to her.

    But I agree with irene.s: I can't wait to see them where they really belong - ON COURT!

  5. Ana is absolutely gorgeous. Loved the pics from the mag.

  6. rich @ 9:41PM: i hope team ivanovic is reading your blog too so that they would be more "picky" (to borrow your words, make sure it's high fashion, pretty and elegant) when it comes to choosing photoshoots for ana. she really looks great in those sport&style pics.

    i just had a funny thought about JJ while i was looking at ana's sport&style pics. i mean, i could just imagine her calling her agent (and her mom) demanding that she gets the same editorial too. of course, a lot of glitters should be used otherwise JJ's "personality" would not come out, LOL.


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