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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MEDIA MASHUP: Serena blogs + vlogs from LA, Common still on the mind

Serena Williams, who recently pulled out of next month's Hopman Cup with a lingering hamstring injury, has resurfaced on her website.

The US Open champ flew into LA from her homebase of Florida for a photoshoot and managed to make a new vlog and blog from her hotel bed accompanied by Cimba, her stuffed animal companion (she's how old?).

Anyway, she discusses the never-ending renovations on her house and pushes good friend Brandy's new album "Human" and even rumored ex-boyfriend Common's new album "Universal Mind Control".

Via ReRe's blog:

Hey Guys!!!

Ok so don't ask, but I understand this is new album day! Both Brandy and Common have new albums that are coming out TODAY! I just bought the new Common album. If you are a Common fan you are going to LOVE his songs - Changes, Inhale, and Break My heart. Break My heart is my personal fav!

There are some upbeat tracks like Universal Mind Control (this is a crazy, hot song) , Make My Day (another one of my favs), and Gladiator (I can work out to this one). It's simply great, fun music. Most of all Punch Drunk Love is a sexy hot song! Hot hot hot! I say its got my vote!! Go out and get it!
Great classic fun music!!! So go out and get those albums!

I promise they won't disappoint you!

Here's footage of ReRe's LA photoshoot:

Wow - when the insider said their breakup was "amicable" they weren't kidding. I certainly wouldn't be pushing his new album.

When I breakup with someone, I secretly follow them around everywhere 24/7 so I can make sure they aren't seeing anyone else right away.

Or is that when I first meet them? It's all a blur really...

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  1. Duh Rich, you stalk them after it's over. I've found that Pilates works wonders for my flexibility when I'm crouched down for hours in the bushes. lol

  2. pamela: oooh, good tip! i def do squats and lots of yoga just in case i need to be in any uncompromising positions for a few hours...don't ask...

  3. ok Serena, I'm going on torrent as we speak!Buy?Puh-lease!

  4. but don't you think she's being a bit sarcastic? she said her fave common song is BREAK MY HEART

  5. I think it's lame that she pretends to buy the album. Duh, Serena, we're not dumb!


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