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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa + Iker host charity event, bring friends to help fight malaria

Rafael Nadal + Iker Casillas held their second annual "Friends of Iker vs. Friends of Rafa" charity event to fight malaria last night at Madrid's Palacio de los Deportes.

The team's competed in three events including a kart race, one-set tennis match, and a soccer match. Rafa's team featured Carlos Moyá, Jorge Lorenzo, Raúl González, Almudena Cid, Carlos Sastre, Marcos Senna, Novak Djokovic, Sergio García, Carlos Sainz, Sete Gibernau and Samuel Eto'o.

Iker's team members included David Ferrer, Carmen Jordá, Feliciano López, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Santi Cazorla, Sergio Ramos, Alberto Contador, Dani Sordo, Alvaro Bautista, Kanouté and Fernando Alonso.

Although the teams pulled a draw in the tennis match, Team Iker grabbed wins in the kart race and soccer match and won overall.

Check out more images from the event!

Rafa competing in an obstacle course?

The Mallorcan Matador kicks go-kart arse, takes names

A cleaned-up Novak Djokovic hits the press line looking uber-sexy

Carlos Moya: your hairline's falling and it can't get up...

David Ferrer hit the press line too. Does anyone else think he looks better out of his tennis gear than in?

The man of the moment

Here are some video highlights from the big night...translations always welcomed in the comment section!


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  1. Each team had 1 girl included: Carmen Jorda (F3 pilot) in White team and Almudena Cid (gymnast) in Red.

    There was all kind of joking, ribbing, shorts-pulling (Novak, who else, comming slyly behind Sergio Garcia's back at the soccer pitch and pulling his shorts all the way down to his knees!).

    Wow, Rafa is sure purdy at the press line. Sweet.

  2. Haha classic Nole!
    Rafa is sweeter than honey as always.

  3. Oh and Rich I totally agree, David "Speedy" Ferrer does look much better off court than on court.

  4. Rafa's looking damn fine, as per youz. I'm loving his leather jacket moments these days, esp paired with the preppy gear. Yowza! Although I'm not sure I'm completely onboard with the layered hairdo. Hmm. Whatever he's still amazing to look at, obvies :)

    Nole's looking so cheery and hot, loving it. And I completely agree about Ferrer!! I've always thought he was more of a hottie in street clothes. Maybe because I think he comes off looking short on the court...does anyone know what I'm talking about?? He looks miniature when he's playing!

    Thanks for the post!

  5. Exactly johanne, that's what I'm always thinking, too! David looks so tiny on the court! I dunno what makes the difference really, but tennis shorts apparently kinda dwarf him. And the whole bandana thing doesn't help. For some reason, it makes him look like a little Samurai wannabe. Dunno why he can't pull that off as well as Rafa and Rog.
    I wouldn't know what could be an alternative though, can't really imagine him with a basecap either...

  6. I think it's also because David is 5'9" according to his ATP profile so that's pretty small these days next to these guys who are at least 6'1" and with some 6'5" and 6'6" thrown in the mix. Yikes.

    But think he's done well considering the size difference - the boy is speedy!

  7. Maybe Speedy Dave should just sport a ponytail or something? No bandana, just pull his hair back. I think that would look good on him.

    And yeah, 5'9" is def on the shorter side these days...but he definitely makes it work for him. I hope he has a good start to the new season. Besides Davis Cup, he seemed to have a so-so 2nd half :(


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