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Thursday, December 11, 2008

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa back in training, releases first promo for charity event

Rafael Nadal is back in training after a knee injury cut his 2008 season short.

The world's top baller discussed his super busy schedule, including resuming practice, via his website today:

Just wanted to let all my English speaking fans that I have resumed practice a couple of weeks ago and things are going well.

Friday Dec. 12th I am having the year end dinner, Christmas dinner, with my team. They will all come to Manacor and we will celebrate this great 08.

On Monday morning I will practice and then fly in the late afternoon to Madrid since there is a dinner offered by MARCA with the King of Spain and some other sportsman. This is to close the festivities of 70th anniversary of the newspaper.

On Tuesday we are doing the match against Malaria and hopefully the stadium will be full. We are very excited about this again.

Thanks to all.

Phew! What a relief. The Mallorcan Matador and his pal Iker Casillas have also released Part One of their promo series for next Tuesday's "Friends of Iker vs. Friends of Rafa" Part Deux event to fight malaria.


Geez, he even does preppy well. Anyway, don't forget RAFANATICS: you can still help your boy (and his shorty-shorts) try to get this important event broadcast stateside by contacting the Tennis Channel. Hurry!

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  1. Like a moth to a flame...

    *looks at shirtless Rafa*

    *looks at Rafa in jeans*

    God, that man should be registered as a lethal weapon.
    *heads off to therapy appointment*

  2. No morning is a good morning without a steaming hot raffè latte (OH!) to get the blood pumping. Thanks, Rich! I'm f*cking so relieved he's training again!

    *imagines Rafa in the shower after a long practice*


  3. natch: maybe he's the WMD everyone was looking for - it's been in Spain this whole time!

    johanne: "Can I have a double-shot, tall, half-calf, caramel Rafa please?!" *drools*

  4. >>*imagines Rafa in the shower after a long practice*<<


  5. Rich,
    I'm penning a letter to President-elect Obama right now requesting to be the Spain WMD envoy. I'm volunteering my services, for the good of the country. ;)

  6. I should probably come with you, natch, to make sure everything goes smoothly. And by "make sure everything goes smoothly" I mean "have wild sex with Rafa."

    *runs out to coffee shop for double-shot, tall, half-calf, caramel Rafa*


  7. Okay, I finally heard the sound on that clip (since I don't speak Spanish, sometimes it's just about looking...). Anyway, can someone confirm that there is a brief horn riff from Prince's "Sexy MF" toward the end. Or is that just the song I hear in my head...

  8. But...but...but did you see how he WORKED those jeans in few short steps from the door to the bar?!

    Dude has the sexiest walk ever.

  9. Guys you all crack me up. And turn me on. LOL

    <<"have wild sex with Rafa." >>

    Lordy. Those images in my head... can't.... form... sentence...... *passes out*

    And MAN does he look good in that shirt and sweater. Not to mention the topless pic. o_O
    *images the sensation of his silky skin when rubbing against him*
    Guess what... *passes out*

    BTW: Raffé Latte. YOU'RE A GENIUS, JO.

  10. Oh, and is it time to mention now that "Latte" means "erection" in German slang?

    So meant to be.

  11. sonja: I so did NOT know that about latte's secret German meaning... I LOVE IT! It's totally fitting ;)

  12. >>Oh, and is it time to mention now that "Latte" means "erection" in German slang?<<

    *rushes to nearest coffee shop*
    Uh, yes...a case of Rafa lattes, please. No, no, they aren't to go. I'll have them all here.

  13. "Oh, and is it time to mention now that "Latte" means "erection" in German slang?"

    - of course it does! I still want my a double-shot caramel Rafa top please.

  14. I always have a Rafa "latte" in my pants... good thing I'm a woman, otherwise I'd have to walk around with a notebook all day LOL :D

  15. Can you imagine what would happen if he got trapped in a room with all of us?? Poor kid would be dead in ten minutes. But for me, personally, would be the happiest ten minutes of my life.

  16. ... Sorry to drift off the subject matter, but does Rafa have a new racket? It does not look like the one he was rockin' this year?

  17. Mmmhhh I bet Rafa Lattes taste sooo sweet..... o_O


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