Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Nole heats up chilly St. Anton with Marat + Tipsy, will join Rafa for charity event

Monday, December 15, 2008

MEDIA MASHUP: Nole heats up chilly St. Anton with Marat + Tipsy, will join Rafa for charity event

Novak Djokovic recently met up with compatriot Janko Tipsarevic for an exhibition at the ski resort St. Anton in Austria.

Tipsy was a last minute replacement for Marat Safin who pulled out of the exo after spraining his ankle in practice. The Russian returned to Valencia to visit his doctor but not before taking a few candid shots with Nole *swoons*:

I wonder why I love tennis so? Anyway the Masters Cup champ, who debuted the new metallic silver Barricades during the match, was defeated by his compatriot 9-8 (4).

And more interesting Nole news: he was invited by top baller Rafael Nadal to take part in the "Friends of Iker vs. Friends of Rafa" charity event tomorrow! Other tennis ballers taking part include David Ferrer + Fernando Verdasco. I can't wait to see video/images from THAT event...oy.

In the meantime, here's some video in German from the exo match featuring a furry Nole + Tipsy. Feel free to leave the translation in the comments section.


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  1. I love how they sit on the same tiny bench to have a chat.

    Erm, Novak, shave. Now. Seriously, he has more hair on his chin than Davydenko can muster on his entire head.

  2. I think Nole looks pretty hot here...but I don't mind a scruffy man! Me thinks I'm developing a little crush on him..... it definitely doesn't hurt seeing him have a good time with his tennis buds and hearing him speak German (sonja: translate please! He sounds hot!) And now that he's joining Rafa's charity event - OH! It's too much!

    P.S. Rich, where's my Rafa latte this morning?? It's Monday! Throw me a bone!! :D

  3. anon: very Fed Wimb '08 with Hrbaty

    johanne: i didn't see anything yet today specifically referencing your caramel latte. feel free to send along any tips if you see anything out there!

    i def don't mind scruff. Nole sure looks like he's enjoying his off-season huh?

    pamela: true true, how about being the in that nole-marat sandwich?

  4. Rich: I'm just being selfish and giving you a hard time... I trust your judgment :) But I did just see that he won the Play of The Year vote on ATP's website. Not sure if it's blogworthy, but there was def some stiff competition. VAMOS RAFA!!

  5. Share Marat? Are you insane? Besides, I don't care for Novak, but that may change over time.

  6. Pamela: LOL I just got your robot reference :) Indeed, Safin's chestal area is to-die.

  7. Pamela: C'mon, sharing is caring. Don't ya care about spreading the Marat around???

    johanne: the man, as a whole, is to die. even his crazy, temperamental side. i'm sure he's prob a NIGHTMARE to date but who wouldn't take the chance? *starts daydreaming*

    wait, where was i???

  8. As a long time reader and new commenter, I have to say this:

    Marat is mine. I am selfish, I do NOT share. The rest of you can lust over Rafa, although I love love love him as a player - I'm content to admire his arms and other "assets" with the masses.

    Johanne: Marat is the only one that turns me into a "fangirl." I'm with you Rich, Marat as a whole is ... whew, never mind.. I'm sure this is a PG13 blog.

  9. Rich: Agreed... His hot temper usually just comes off as, well, hot!! He's funny too. And tall....wait, where am I?? :D

    Pamela: Consider yourself lucky! I get lusty after many many hot ballers... but I like it that way!! And for the record, I would say this blog has been past the PG13 boundaries many a time, mostly due to us Rafanatics :)

  10. pamela: we'll be fighting then! i love rafa but i find marat so much sexier - for me and apparently you too!!

    and no worries, some days DtL is PG13 and somedays it's NC-17 with a sprinkling of other ratings in between so feel free to speak your mind (especially about the boy ballers.)

    johanne: yes, you (and a few nameless others) are exhibit A for above mentioned examples!

  11. You can keep Marat - for some reason this guy doesn't do anything for me.

    Nole I like. :)
    His German is so sexy, I will mos def translate, but right now I'm in the office and can't turn on the speakers... Dang!

    As soon as I'm home I'll deliver, though!

  12. Woot I love Nole and Tipsy. Or is it Nipsy? And I think Nole looks hot with the scruff.

  13. So here's the translation of what Nole said in the interview:

    Nole: This week I've worked a lot. Only once I went skiing, but not a lot. Today's match was all for the fans - special thanks to the Serbian fans for coming today. It was a lot of fun.

    Q: You and your family are here the third time already - apparently you really like it here. What's so special about St. Anton?

    Nole: We're having so much fun here. It's great to be here with my whole family, especially my brothers. We're doing a lot of sports, skiing, but also working. Of course this tournament is not top priority throughout the year, but I really enjoy being here.

    Q: Hopefully you'll get to prepare as well as last year when you won the Aussie Open then. This year there probably will be much more pressure. Is it harder going in as the title defender?

    Nole: Sure, it is hard. But I try to stay positive and also earn even more titles.

    Q: How important is no.1 for you? Obviously you're on the fastlane right now.

    Nole: It's very important for me and my family. It's always been my dream, you know. But there's still plenty of time, I'm only 21. We'll see what the future brings.

    BTW, "Nipsy" cracked me up! LOL

  14. jimmy: nipsy - one can only dream though i'd prefer "novich" or "nich" or "role"...yeah yeah that's nice

    sonja: thanks for translating!

  15. Very welcome Rich.

    I just realized: Nole reminds me so much of Alex the Lion of "Madagascar" in the first pic. Can't help it! LOL


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