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Friday, December 12, 2008

+ FRIDAY NETCORDS: A-Rod hosts Rock n' Racquets...Patty turning 30...Wimbledon fashions

* After raising $1.1 million during the Andy Roddick Charity Event last weekend, the former World No.1 will host the annual Rock n' Racquets event tonight Louisville, Kentucky. The event, which also benefits the Andy Roddick Foundation, will feature US Open champ Serena Williams, American John Isner, and Dane Caroline Wozniacki and make additional stops in Columbia, SC on December 13 and Knoxville, TN on December 14. Hmmm - how's that hamstring injury doing, ReRe?

* The LTA is warning young Brit ballers to watch what they do online especially on social networking sites or risk having their funding withdrawn. Players are being asked to review their internet content and delete anything that may be regarded as “controversial” after two ballers, Naomi Broady + David Rice, were found to be too explicit and in breach of their contract with the LTA in 2007; they subsequently had their funding taken away. Great - that's like cutting off my oxygen. You're killing me LTA!

* Frenchie racquet and stringing manufacturer Tecnifibre has re-launced their website in celebration of Fernando Verdasco's Davis Cup heroics last season.

* Speaking of the Spaniard: Not only did they pose for ANOTHER photo at ANOTHER Real Madrid match, but Anando were also caught on video leaving the match together. Word of advice: you'll get mobbed by the stalkeratti if you make all your entrances and exits public - unless that's what you want. (Thanks Tessa!)

* The Tennis Chick is pissed (Kanye style) at the USTA and TENNIS mag and she's not gonna take it anymore!

* TENNIS's Tom Perotta lists his 10 most intriguing commodities for ESPN and whether to buy or sell. Biggest surprise buy? Nicole Vaidisova. Biggest surprise sell? Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. I think I'll find myself a better portfolio manager...

* A big "Happy Birthday!" in advance to veteran Swiss lady baller Patty Schnyder, who turns the big 3-0 this Sunday

* Wimbledon has their own line of tennis gear out and the elegant High Street Racer Tank ($48) + Flounce Skirt ($39) are definitely tops. The tank features a beautiful racer back and v-neck wrap front while skirt has contrast detailing and an elastic waistband. The outfit also comes in white for those summer hitting sessions. *sigh*

* Roger Rasheed on the Bernard Tomic controversy via "From Tennis Australia's perspective, it is very hard to take control of a family and say this is what you can and can't do with your child. But what you can do is say, 'You know what? We can't be involved with this situation' This is how we play the game, this comes under our code of conduct and we can't show this message to the other kids going round Australia, that we are prepared to accept this type of behavior'."



  1. ok so I'm like always giving news about Anando *ashamed* but I follow Fernando, hottie, so now it's the package we get, so Rich here are some additional photos of them from the football night

    And I must say Ana is looking gorgeous!!

  2. Plus a fan posted a video of Ana training, yes, you've read's on a page before those of what link I girl is traning!Well allelujah!Stalkeratti obviously don't find that interesting to take a picture, so they put us in delusion!

  3. "you'll get mobbed by the stalkeratti if you make all your entrances and exits public - unless that's what you want"

    Um yeah...SHOWMANCE!


  4. Truth is.. anyone in Spain will probably say that Fernando has always enjoyed the spotlight and the camaras. The surprise here is Ana.. she has always been a bit shy regarding that. But don't they say love changes all?

    I was actually hoping that she would give him some of her discipline.. but it seems that he was the one who influenced her with his love for distractions. Fernando is a very talented player who doesn't fully focus on tennis to be able to fulfill his talent. Bringing Ana with him on that path would be ever worse.. I still have hopes they will focus and get some of that happiness to inspire them on court.

  5. Of course that's what Fernando wants! Good looking boy, hung like a horse, lurked in the shadows, now wants to enjoy the limelight. Everybody deserves 15 minutes of fame, Fernando will have a lot more!


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