Google Down the Line!: Fed can hide some of his $35 million in new Valbella digs

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fed can hide some of his $35 million in new Valbella digs

So what is a tennis superstar supposed to do when you've just raked in an estimated $35 million in earnings?

If you're Roger Federer, you purchase new digs in your home country. The 13-time Grand Slammer, who already owns homes in Wollerau overlooking Lake Zurich and Dubai, recently settled on a vacation home in the ski resort town of Valbella.

I wonder when Fed will actually have time to spend here. I guess with his semi-slimmed down schedule he might have time to go skiing, or maybe it's just another tax haven. I'll go with the latter.

But if I were Mirka, I'd REALLY be wondering where my ring was after the third house...

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  1. hahahah good one at the end!Maybe skiing part is because of Mirka, you know skiing, physical activity and stuff....bad, we're bad!

  2. Tessa: Skiing could be good for her but not for Fed, at least not right now because of his career I think.

    But maybe they don't, as a couple, believe in marriage or something. Or maybe they're waiting until after he retires. They never really talk about it (not that I've read) but I'd love to hear Mirka discuss their relationship. It seems pretty solid where it's at - maybe they're superstitious and don't want to jinx anything.

  3. Ahh to be rich...

    Fed & Mirka have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I mean I don't doubt that they'll be together for a long time (hell they've already been together for a long time!) but I don't really know anything about them other than the fact that they're dating and she goes to every one of his matches. Maybe they've just perfected not revealing too much to the media. Good for them. Bad for us :(

  4. My reading of Mirka is that she's a mother figure there. She's a bit older of the two and heavily involved in his day-to-day management of hotels, transportation, practice scheduling and such.

    He explained once that he chose to stay at a hotel in Beijing instead of the Olympic Village because he needs his rest and his calm sleeping arrangements with gf. Sounds like they're 80.

    The way she was walking behind him at the Olympics opening ceremony, while he was carrying a Swiss flag! All the Swiss wore their official jackets, and Fed removed his because of the flag strap, so Mirka was carrying the jacket on her arm behind him like a fussy mom, snapping pictures of him all the time. Ewww.

  5. johanne: Very bad for us! I agree, they've been together for a while, keep a low profile, and will most likely stay together for the long haul.

    It amazes me that celebs of Fed's stature can avoid the pap lens and other gossip hounds. Either they're good at hiding what they do, which these days seems pretty tough with technology the way it is, or they actually don't do anything that would land them in the rags. In other words, are they just more homebodies? I guess I might be if I had three houses in great locales to hang in.

    anon 12:56 - Ha! Calm sleeping arrangements? They're in their mid to late twenties! Hello - if anyone should be swinging from chandeliers it's RoKa. Plus, they haven't been together SO long that the "fire" would have simmered down too much. As you said, they're not 80 celebrating a 50+ year marriage anniversary.

    And, aren't athletes notoriously hyper sexual because of being in great shape physically and they have to abstain from sex before big matches, games, etc. to preserve energy? Maybe Fed uses that as an excuse!

  6. Mirka is married with her BLACKBERRY. : T You guys havent seeing her with that thing?? Addictive

  7. kaj znači argen??haha :)
    Well, yeah , she does type on it during eeeevery match, maybe she's bored with the game, playing some supermario on it stuff...not.It is addiction, for that matter, ANY gadget, super expensive one she probably has, would be in my claws as well.I know, it's some help-release stress gadget!aha!or for exercise...

  8. And what's with Mirka's constant texting during matches, like she's 12? She's a thirty-year-old woman, FFS!

    She's not bored, she's boring.

  9. uvijek: true very true. maybe she's betting. if so, she's made SERIOUS bank on her man.

    it really is a crack-berry. as whitney houston famously said: "crack is whack"

    and then she proceeded to hit the pipe.


  10. Roger won't skiing. It's too dangerous. He said it a while ago.

    I don't think that Mirka is texting, she is playing games, when she is nervous.

    btw. Nadal isn't a party animal neither.

  11. All tennis players are gay, these are just cover-ups.

  12. Come on!Stop spamming with that comment.If you would want them to be, cause that would mean more studs for you mate, doesn't mean they are!Sorry.You gotta look outside the tennis court to find a boyfriend, mate!

  13. not ALL tennis player are gay..just Verdasco(closeted) and Federer..
    I've been suspecting he's gay(not that i have a problem with it), and fat Mirka is a cover up. I can almost bet on it.

  14. The fact he's loving fat lady only means he's gay in shallow minds!You're talking about man who eats you all for breakfast, and little reality would be appritiated....they're not gay!you wish them to be evidently, cause you are!federer has a still realationship for years, do you?you couln't have it even if you're covering smth up with it!and leave verdasco, he couldn't be more straight!he's a hunk to wish for, handsome, talented, rich and wtf are you haters?

  15. irene.s - i'm intrigued! i'd love to hear you're reasoning on both. what made you suspect?

    anon 7:58 - the technical term for a "fat lady" dating a gay man to help him hide his sexuality is a 'beard'.

    now, do i think she's a beard? i've had my doubts about RoKa but I too think fed's straight. he's just a metro - he loves finer things, fashion, his hair, etc - and loves himself a lot. he wants to be the 'pretty' one in the relationship and mirka is (obvs) fine with it. i mean, someone has to be and might as well be the one who's bringing home the bacon.

    i haven't heard any rumors questioning nando's sexuality. i've heard he's a total man-whore with the ladies. that's about it.

    but there have to be gay men on the tour. c'mon! they're gay people everywhere and openly gay ladies on the wta tour.

    i've always thought dominik hrbaty was gay and not just because of that awful shirt he wore at the us open with the holes on the back. i mean we have better taste than that (well most of us). who else?

  16. Well ofcourse there are gay man on tour,God, gay man are everywhere, naturally, BUT, I don't like people being sarcastic just because, without any motive to think that!Federer for example has a lady that's with him 24/7 for years, they're a team, partners, and it's great!But all people are saying is bickering about her balckberry habits, or her being fat!So negative!Their exceptional people, and show some respect for people that are doing nothing wrong, but opposite!And Nando for Gods sake, is a man-whore exactly, so just gets on my nerves reading bickering that comes from no motive.I don't know who can be gay, and it doesn't really matter, to suspect I mean!If they're in the closet, their thing, if they're open their right, but putting champions and workers down for no background is just baaaad man.


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