Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Preview of Rafa's Aussie Open '09 Nike style

Monday, December 1, 2008

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Preview of Rafa's Aussie Open '09 Nike style

The Aussie Open is still over a month away but the 2009 tennis fashions are already being revealed.

Top baller Rafael Nadal's style continues to evolve even after the Spaniard's controversial US Open '08 Nike duds caused an uproar amongst his most loyal Rafanatics. The sports brand has moved away from his 'pirata' look and has infused streetwear elements such as bold colors, stripes, and checkers to create and new, inspired look for Rafa.

The Mallorcan Matador will be warming up for the season's first Grand Slam in the Trend Long Sleeve Coverups in charcoal + white (above).

Rafa has decidedly dropped his trademark sleeveless this time around and has been given three different colorways of the new Short Sleeve Top including turquoise + white, white + classic charcoal, and white + neo turquoise. Rafanatics don't despair: the shirt looks slightly fitted and the sleeves short enough to still show off that coveted buff body.

No Rafa outfit would be complete, of course, without his trademark long shorts so Nike has designed the Long Checked Short featuring an extended tab waist in classic charcoal, neo turquoise, and white.

And it seems the top baller has finally ditched his favored Cages for some new, super cool Air Max Courtballistecs in neo turquoise, black/metallic silver/volt, and black/volt/silver. LOVE.

Like I said last season, I'm excited Rafa is moving in a new direction that still stays true to his individuality and larger-than-life personality. We'll see how the actual clothing looks when its released and I'll be sure to post images once I get my mitts on them.

What do you guys think of these Aussie Open duds?


I just found these Nike duds called the Athletic Hero Short Sleeve Tees in white + neo turquoise. Could these be the practice t-shirts for "El Toro"?

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  1. I feel like I need to see it on him. I will say though, when he was sporting that orange checkered polo during all the US Open pre-tournament stuff, it DID look fitted and très hot on Rafa's flawless bod. You definitely could still his beautiful arms. Yum. It's hard to make that boy look bad... thanks for the latest, as always!!

  2. I meant: you def could still SEE his beautiful arms.

  3. Rafa, WHY??? Why no short shorts???
    Me likey everything else.

  4. Very good that the polo idea has been abandoned in favour of a simple colarless tee. Mucho better.

    That attempt with polo (although nicely fitted and short-sleeved) at the pre-USO events was a bust, simply because of the collar. After only a few hits the collar became crumpled, sweaty and tangled up with Rafa's hair. And he couldn't properly towel himself.

    Polos are OK for off court and for golf, as always.

    Can't wait to see him wearing these new, sleek duds. Looks cool.

  5. Practice tees are logo-licious. I'm not a fan of crew necks in general. I'd love to see a V-neck....

  6. Love the outfits. I'm thrilled to see how the colours look in reality, especially the turquoise.

    And I really hope Rafa actually does sport the new outfit, not like at the USO where he didn't even wear it on court.
    I agree that the tees probably go much better without collar.

    The shoes are incredible, too. My faves are the first ones with the turquoise Nike swoosh.

  7. Everyone has said the first thing that comes to my mind! Damn!

    Seriously though. He should just go shirtless, don a boxer-brief, let that raven flocks flow naturally, and tennis like that.

    I don't know if I like the green/turquoise. Even the yellow - very pale. But of course, we have to see it on him.

  8. >>He should just go shirtless, don a boxer-brief, let that raven flocks flow naturally, and tennis like that. <<

    Have you been listening in on my therapy sessions?

  9. natch,

    it could be argued that you have been tuning to Babz FM, Enabling Lusty Thoughts Of Rafanatics Everywhere!

  10. I love the aqua, but those shoes are atrocious.

  11. Why Can't Rafa just where what he wants to? His sleeveless shirts and knee length shorts are his style. I don't like the new clothes at all. Why try to change his image? He's perfect the way he is. The clothes will make him look stuffy....

  12. This is one of the reasons I voted for your blog at the On The Baseline Awards. I love these kind of interesting player posts, and Rafa's shoes are awesome. I have to say Fed's looks a lot boring, even though his clothes fit him perfectly.

  13. Hey babz, if it was called "Enabling Lusty Thoughts Of Rafa Observers" your station would be called EL TORO. Mwahahahaha!!

  14. I LOVE Rafa's shoes. It's the first pair of tennis shoes I've seen that it's possible to say that about.I think he'll look super cute and sporty and fresh in this look - the colour bands on the shirt are good. They'll define his chest nicely, which we all know is the important thing here. Mmmm. Rafa's chest.

  15. Pamela: Wow - thanks for voting for DtL! I didn't realize they were doing these awards. EVERYONE VOTE DTL FOR THE AWARDS! hahahahahahahaha!!!

    sonja: O...M...G. nice one! EL TORO is sooo good. how can we make that happen? podcasts?? internet radio???

    belle: i too love the shoes - tennis shoes i might actually wear just to hang out in. i think the shirts will fit him nicely and the shorts, well, he can make any shorts look great with THAT shelf. i'd like to borrow it myself and see how i look in jeans. *starts to daydream about rafa's ass-et in my APC jeans*

  16. Sonja,

    don't tempt me. I am *this* close to making a Rafa blog.

  17. babz: do it to'd totes by my source for Nadal news. pinky swear!

  18. rich, on further inspection (not of rafa's ass-et, tragically) those shorts actually have an air of culottes about them, which worries me a bit. also, the thought of rafa in jeans is highly distracting. the sight of his thighs encased in denim puts me in a tizzy.

    babz, DO THE BLOG!!

  19. babz, you know you want it. And the Rafanatic posse wants it. LOL

    Rafa's thighs encased in denim. Oh my, belle - that thought sure distracted me from work for the rest of this week..... o_O

  20. Dang, that comment about Rafa's thighs encased in denim definitely put even dirtier thoughts in my mind - thanks ladies!! :)


    Babz: you already have a fan base for the blog! You know us Rafanatics would read it...

  21. sonja and johanne, i'm glad to oblige with ANY thoughts about rafa's thighs, encased or otherwise.

  22. Oh god you guys... I don't have time for it!! I don't!!! Nor the wit, or the dedication!!

    *already thinking of domain names*

    Ok that's it. You made me do it.

    What did I get myself into. This is gonna take up so much time. My boss is going to kill me. Oh, the things we do for love of Rafa.

    Kill me now.

  23. babz: O...M...G!!!!! You did it! I'm so adding you to my blogroll and getting your feed.

    A Rafasource - LOVE IT. *thinking Rafa's name works with everything - geesh*

  24. Srsly guys, I don't know if I can do the blog justice. I have no idea what I'm doing. No idea how to run a factual (I use that term VERY loosely) blog, y'all.

    Guess I'll just slap on provoking Rafa pics and make provoking comments.

    AARRGGGHHHH alright alright.. I'll have to learn how to run this blog properly.

    *cold sweats the size of bullets*

  25. OMG!!! >> add to favourites <<

    This is SO my daily read (besides DTL of course).

    Babz, may you be blessed with a lot of Rafalove (this name DOES go with anything!).

  26. babz: i'm always available for blog therapy - not exactly the kind natch has been attending of course!

    sonja: seriously, is there anything his name wouldn't work with?! he's got it all!!

  27. Babz: like you said, if worse comes to worse and you don't know what to post, just put up some Rafasnaps and we'll all drool over him and talk about how hot he looks...sounds fun to me!! :D

  28. LOL.

    You guys are so great, I really hope I can make the blog interesting, but oh well just a place to obsess about Rafa is good enough for me! ;)

    Rich, thanks so much for putting me on blogroll, you're such a gem.

    I will try post everyday. May teh Rafanatics gods bless me with good pictures of Rafa everyday.

    Johanne, I am taking that advice to the letter.


  29. No pressure babz - whenever you have time to send out some Rafalicious (seriously, can't stop Rafa-ing everything) thoughts of yours we'll be happy! ;-))


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