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Monday, December 1, 2008

FASHION FIX: Preview of Fed's Aussie Open '09 Nike styles

I've already previewed Rafael Nadal's Aussie Open Nike gear and now let's take a peek at what Roger Federer will most likely wear at the year's first major.

Fed's style really never sways from the crisp + classic and these Nike duds are no exception. The world's second-best baller will be working the shadow-striped Federer Polo in concord + white (above). It features a contrasting 4-button placket with his ubiquitous 'RF' logo on bottom and a button-down collar design.

The Federer Polos will be paired with the Athlete Woven Shorts in white + obsidian. These shorts are 9" in length and feature a contrasting side stripe and what looks to be a contrast stripe on the front crease and venting on the inside of the leg.

The Swiss stylist's Aussie Open style is rounded out with his fave Vapors VI in white/silver/charcoal.

These outfits, though classic, are really boring and don't feature any interesting design elements or even any great colorways. What's the deal?

Maybe these images don't do the clothing any justice and the actual pieces will pop more - at least I'm hoping so for Fed's sake.

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  1. Classic and boring? What should Roger play in, pink tutus?

  2. T.O. - pink isn't a bad color, and he's got great legs for a tutu, don't you think?

    you can have classic styles but mix it up with great colors or subtle but interesting design element to make it pop.

  3. I like these. But the white on black number will be a bit boring. Fortunately, Roger's outfits are always tailored perfectly, so it would look worse on someone else.

    I would be very happy if Rafa stole Federer's shorts and wore them instead!
    *pictures Rafa in Roger's shorter, too-tight-for-Rafa shorts*

  4. natch: Rafa should wear those tight green swim trunks on court. I would faint with you :D

    I don't mind Rafa's longer shorts, but now they're more baggy. BOO. Wear your skin-tight capris! HA HA.

  5. YAAAAAAWN at Roger's outfit...

    Me lovey the trunks idea though! Hehehe.

  6. Rafa should wear the Borat style swimsuit.

  7. Is it too much to ask for some color? To start the 09 season?

  8. >>Rafa should wear those tight green swim trunks on court. <<

    Johanne: 'splain yourself, please. What tight green swim trunks? What am I missing? Are holding out on something??? Tell me, tell me...TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. natch: surely you saw Rich's post last week about Rafa's vacation!?!? Check it out!

  10. And with that comment, I hereby declare that natch is beyond help. ;)

  11. Ah, sweet mystery of last I've found you...

    *grabs defibrillator*
    *restarts heart*


  12. *thanks paramedics for the open chest massage*

    Johanne (and Rich), although I don't believe in marriage for myself, will you both marry me? (See what happens when you miss a few days around here?)

    Babz, You HAVE been listening in on my therapy sessions! Or sleeping with my therapist...

  13. natch,

    you need to show me a pic of your therapist, then I'll decide if I have slept with him or not.

    But I still maintain that you have been tuning in to Babz FM!

  14. natch: from one Rafanatic to another, seems we're perfect for each other! HA HA :D

    To all the other Rafanatics here: love you guys!!

    And to Rich: LOVE all your posts. It's amazing I get anything done at work!

  15. all: LMAO! boy you guys keep me entertained. and i'll entertain all marriage proposals natch.

    johanne: work shmurk, who needs it! tennis all day all night all the time!!

  16. Babz,

    My therapist is a Mallorcan, tall, raven haired, lucious gluteous....
    ...this is why I have hourly sessions with him! ;)

    Tell me what kind of ring you want. I'm not much into diamonds, so maybe you choose & I'll pay. You too, Rich! We will definitely invite Rafa to the honeymoon!!!
    Oh yes, and work? Johanne, what's work?

  17. LOOOL at all the comments. Rafanatics are the BEST tennis fans ever. :D

    On that marriage... can I be bridesmaid? I'd be getting drunk, seducing the raven-haired hunk from Mallorca and all...
    Xisca, you are SO NOT invited!!

    Um, what was the actual topic again?

  18. natch,


    Make sure Feliciano Lopez is invited to the wedding. I'll flirt him to hell and back again.

  19. "work shmurk, who needs it! tennis all day all night all the time!!" WORD.

    All Rafans invited!!


    You should know that I probably wouldn't be very faithful, as I would be trying to ride that Spanish Train all day all night all the time, HA HA HA. Rafa of course, but I would def take a piece of Feli and Fern if they were handing it out :D So natch if you're cool with that, wedding ON!

  20. Spanish train... love it! LMAO


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