Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Dinara + Caroline, Ana in action

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Dinara + Caroline, Ana in action

I just previewed additional styles for some of the boys by sports giant adidas so now let's turn our attention to the ladies!

World No.3 Dinara Safina will be working the Competition Cap Sleeve Tee in pool paired with the dreaded skort from the Competition line in white. I STILL don't get skorts - what gives?

The kit on the right is the Competition Top in yellow and the Competition Skort in black. Ditto on these duds.

Rising Dane Caroline Wozniacki will be debuting two outfits: both feature the Edge adilibria Tank in yellow + pool matched with the Edge adilibria Skort in dark clay + white.

I'm wondering about the silhouette of Caroline's outfit, though, since adidas paired a fitted tank with a flirty, pleated skirt. I guess we'll have to see if the pieces fall together nicely - I'm thinking the notch at the bottom of the tank will help it fall smoothly against the billowy skirt.

Lastly, here's an action shot of last year's finalist Ana Ivanovic in the Edge adilibria Dress in pool that I previewed earlier this week. I think this dress looks much better on Ana and in motion than in a still shot. Still, I'm pushing for some kind of jewel tone green for the Serbian baller. C'mon adidas - make it happen!

SIDE NOTE: I'm totally curious about Jelena Jankovic's duds for the year's first major. Will they be cute? Horrible?? Completely Glitter-ized??? Oh the suspense!

Anyway, what are your faves from this group?


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  1. Wow, seems like Adidas is stepping up lately with their designs. Thumps up for that! I like all of those designs better than what Nike has for Serena.
    This sh!t is awful!
    As for JJ: She will come out glitzing and glamming the hell out of any outfit Reebok will put on her! I'm thinking flashy colors, lots of ruffles, glitter bows and - of course - matching nail polish!LOL

  2. maja: So I guess JJ will be coming as a drag queen? What's new!

  3. Is it just me or does Dinara look hella Photoshopped in these? I guess the other 2 girls do too, but Dinara just looks extra glossy. In any case, I like her outfits! You can't tell it's a skort from here, and anything is better than that awful pink dress she wore EVERYWHERE after Wimbledon. Bleh. I hated that dress! Ick.

    I like Caroline's tank a lot. Really shows off her beautifully toned physique. All in all, I like these Adidas duds and I like the color palette. Something about calling that color "pool" that makes me like it more (nerd alert!) :)

  4. Rich: Of course she'll come in drag! What else to expect from JJ "Drama Queen" Jankovic? LMAO! And whenever she takes a injury time-out they will show her in deep pain (or enjoying a massage) and play "I will survive" to it!LOL

    johanne: They probably borrowed the photoshop dude who always does Shrieka's ads for nike lol
    And yes, its soo much better than the pink she wore this year! She sometimes looked like a little piggy wearing it...

  5. maja: i hope jj's saving her pennies since they're capping those gross-overused injury timeouts. but when will she have time to fix her makeup then? tennis is cruel!

    johanne: yeah they all look pretty photoshopped to me. actually, they look like tennis fembots: "Give me ball. I serve. I return. I hit ball. I run for ball. I win." Or wait - is that Sveta talking????

  6. Hehe, I would like to see a "Completely Glitter-ized" Jelena. Not that it's my style, but I would like Jelena to fully express her love of glitter.

  7. Hey Rich, I would like to write about these on my blog, but I still don't get which of the two outfits will Caroline and Dinara wear at the Aussie Open, I don't think they will wear both versions. Can you tell me which colors will Caroline and Dinara sport for the AO?

  8. cyan really looks great on ana. i'am actually a fan of her cyan edge dress from the AO this year (loved it in salmon/pink as well). so purple is for the AO then cyan for the french open? lovely colors for ana but yeah, green would look great on her as well.

    hmmm, as for ms. JJ "the drama queen", i remember seeing a collection of hers in a fashion show a couple of weeks ago. it was metallic and glittery. and you guys are right, she'll most likely look like a drag queen, her trademark look, LOL.

  9. marija: not sure - they always have options and some don't usually choose until the last minute and sometimes not the colors they say. that's why i like to show the whole range.

    even with the men's most recently with rafa at the us open. he changed it after the slam had already begun. you can't find the men's pool colored. the pool stuff here can't be found on the site.

    and nole now has three potential ones and the pool one, i read, was rumored to be his roland garros gear online. very confusing.

    it's a crapshoot a lot of times which is why i wish the sports brands were better at communicating which ones. nike was great for the us open last year (besides the rafa thing.)

    one day i went to hit at flushing meadow and i had a salesperson at the shop tell me she they bought shrieka's dress in that beige color because that's what they said she would wear in melbourne. of course she wore the white and the salesperson was none too pleased.

    needless to say there were a number of the beige dresses hanging on the rack!

  10. Rich, love the story about the beige Sharapova dresses hanging in the shop!

    As far as skorts go, they can be great for summer wear; just wandering about town, other casual places, even golf. But we have never liked them for tennis, they pull too much, regardless of what the manufacturer's say about the fabric.

    Grins & Giggles, so glad to read you popped over to the J Crew sale!

  11. Thanks a lot, Rich. Your answer was helpful. I understand now that I'm not the one who is confused, but sports brands are. :)

    I wanted to be really accurate on my blog, but I see that's not possible.

    I don't get it. Does it really have to be that complicated?!

  12. tp: the sale is pretty great - and i'm not done yet!

    marija: you wouldn't think it would be complicated but sometimes the ballers are also to blame because they can change their minds on the whim.

    i'm guessing the brands haven't had as big of demand for this information as they might have now. plus, the turnaround time to get this info out has sped up exponentially because of blogs. so hopefully the more we write about it and demand accurate + timely info, the better the process is going to be.

    last year's us open was the first time a major brand proactively contacted me about previewing exact outfits for their ballers. it was great. i would've preferred to have had the info sooner to let readers soak it in, but it was a big step nonetheless.

  13. On the left picture, Wozniacki looks like Tennis Barbie. She's a beautiful girl, why photoshop her to the point of making her look plastic? The same with Dinara.

  14. LOL tennis fembots!! They're just way too overdone here. Lay off the photoshop!


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