Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Jo-Willy, Marat, Fernando, Ernests + Nole

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FASHION FIX: More Aussie Open '09 adidas styles for Jo-Willy, Marat, Fernando, Ernests + Nole

Richard Pagliaro's blog over at got their hands on a few more images of adidas' fashionable efforts for next month's Aussie Open. Let's check out the boys...

Last year's finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks to be working the Edge Polo in black and the Competition Bermuda Short in black with a white side stripe (left image). This outfit seems confusing because the Edge Polo is supposed to be for Novak Djokovic and they don't normally mix the Edge line with the Competition line.

The kit on the right is the Competition Theme Polo in yellow paired with the same Bermuda Short.

2005 Aussie Open champ, hottie Marat Safin, is working the Competition Theme Polo in pool + navy paired with the Competition Bermuda in navy with white side stripe.

The other half of Anando, Fernando Verdasco, is debuting the Edge Tee in white and the Edge Bermuda Short in black.

The Latvian lad with the lovely locks, Ernests Gulbis, has been given the Competition Traditional Polo in pool paired with the Competition Short in white.

And finally here are two new images of Novak Djokovic: the outift on the left is the Edge Polo in white + olive and the Edge Bermuda Short in olive that I previewed earlier this week. The sexy Serb looks to be adding another option to his Aussie Open gear with the Edge Polo in pool, the Edge Bermuda Short in white, and some funky-looking Barricades in pool.

Honestly, did adidas have to get all matchy with the shirt and sneakers completely? Ick. It reminds me of the outfit Lleyton Hewitt wore when he lost to Marat in '05. I much prefer the all black option from my earlier preview over the pool + white one.

I'll be previewing a few more adidas duds for the ladies next. In the meantime, what's the best + worst of this bunch?


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  1. Is that really Gulbis' arms??? Nole looks very buff.

    Wait we are talking about the duds. OK.




    Don't got nothing. Safin looks oooooooollllld. That popstar is sucking the life outta him!

  2. What's going on with Fern's gear?? Zzzzzzzzzz... Put that hottie in some color!

    I have to agree (sadly) with Babz - Safin looks tore up. On a positive note it looks like his shirt has that zipper thing again. More of Marat's chest! Yes! So wait, does this mean he's not giving up on tennis?! I hope so!

    As for Nole, I think that olive color definitely looks better ON, rather than just seeing the clothes alone. Not saying it's my fave, but could be worse.

  3. I agree, Marat is looking old but he's getting older and I'm sure he's partying as usual. In fact, he was just in Miami for "training" but there's so much night life there. If you were seriously training, wouldn't you go somewhere that didn't have tons of distractions i.e. clubs, beaches, scantily-clad ladies, etc.

    Fer + Nole should always be in darker colors like black or navy - their sexy features always stand out much more that way. Or even brighter colors but the white is, well, white and doesn't do anyone any favors. Same for Ernests I think - he looked great towards the EOY in the all black adidas duds.

    Jo-Willy looks great in the yellow - he can def pull that off.

  4. Hahaha I guess Marat has not been photoshopped here...

    Nole looks really good in that left picture. And it's true, the olive isn't that bad in real life.

  5. Rich, Safin said he went to Miami on vacation, so he didn't use the "training" excuse this time. LOL
    He looks much better in the pictures with Nadal from a few days ago.

  6. sonja: LOL, poor Marat!

    anon 11:11: yeah, I'm going to need to see those Rafa/Safin snaps... :)

  7. Marat looks awesome! I'm thinking rugged,instead of "tore up" :)

    Adidas seems to have all the ridiculously good looking guys on their roster!


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