Google Down the Line!: ATP launches latest "FEEL IT" ad campaign, debuts images and logos for 2009

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ATP launches latest "FEEL IT" ad campaign, debuts images and logos for 2009

The ATP, which will be rebranded the ATP World Tour next year, has just unveiled its "FEEL IT" campaign for 2009 starring some of the world's top ballers in the world including World No.1 Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick and James Blake. The original "FEEL IT" concept for the campaign debuted this past season and helped jump start the ATP's rebranding efforts.

The campaign will "focus on bringing to life the unique global aspect of the ATP World Tour. The evolution of the campaign will position ATP World Tour stars like Rafael Nadal as titans of the sport; playing tennis that is ‘out of this world’. The new execution will bring to life many of the amazing locations of the ATP World Tour and will focus on communicating the ultimate goal of the season, to become the 2009 ATP World Tour Champion."

Rafa had this to say about appearing in the ads:

I like the new ATP advertising campaign. They have done a great job with this since it is cool and spectacular and although I consider myself someone very down to Earth it is funny to see us up there playing with the stars. I hope this campaign helps bring more attention, new people and fans to the tennis tournaments. I understand this is the goal and I am sure we will make it happen.
The full marketing campaign will be comprised of TV spots, billboards, online banners, virals, merchandise, fan giveaways and PR stunts.

The ATP also debuted the new logos for the newly named Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (formerly the Masters Cup), the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, the ATP World Tour 500, and the ATP World Tour 250.

It all looks and sounds fine but I'm hoping the ATP allows these new elements to marinate for a while before making any more changes. Consistency is key.

What are your thoughts on this latest version of the campaign and the ATP's rebranding efforts for itself and the tourneys?


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  1. Fixing something that wasn't broke like the Masters series and the recognizable ATP logo is a huge mistake. "Masters" is instinctive, we understand what being a "master" is, we don't really understand what 250 or 500 means. How do we know 250 is the lowest form of mastery? Why are they trying to turn tennis into Nascar? It's a joke.

    Also, reducing the Masters Cup to a 'WTF' acronym shows just how clueless the dinosaurs running the ATP really are. Does nobody understand net speak over there? What a bunch of morons.

    They really need some new young blood in there to do some really cool and edgy marketing campaigns. Almost everything they've tried has been dated and embarrassing to watch. Last year's Feel It promos looked like a bunch of unicorn posters my 5 year old niece might like but was a huge turn-off for everyone else.

  2. Instead of this space crap, they should simply use naked player images.

  3. tangerine: i agree they def need new blood over there with fresh ideas.

    my biggest issue with these changes is that there seem to be too many at once e.g. changing the calendar, moving/downgrading tourneys, installing a numeric system, new logos, etc. and it doesn't feel cohesive.

    if you're going to have a new strategy then make it a strong one with a few changes that actually make a difference.there'll be f-ups and there'll be things that work but to try to overhaul a titanic like the ATP Tour is begging for confusion and dissent.

    unfortunately i have this icky feeling that these changes won't last long. i don't really trust that elements installed by someone who just stepped down from their position (de villiers) will be long-lasting.

    the tour is in turmoil for sure (and that goes for both of them.)

  4. I'm totally fine with the "FEEL IT" campaign imagery. Changing these communications with each new season is a good idea and whether or not you like the end result, the fact that they're generating a concept that actually has some legs is a big step for the ATP, IMO. It seems their main goal is to make men's tennis appear more compelling, more exhilarating, more entertaining, etc. to the common person. Obviously it's already those things and more to us fans, but they're not really talking to us, are they? They got us, we're hooked. I don't need to be convinced to watch the tournaments. Advertise all you want, I'll follow the sport either way!

    So I guess my point is that they're talking to people who don't watch tennis or watch it very little. And they seem to have gotten the impression that the general public regards it as a sport for pansies. Maybe because they used to play in pants and sweater vests? LOL. Anyways, to me it's not surprising that they're doing everything they can to give tennis some muscle. I say keep on pushing it, why not? Tennis is def not for pansies and is an absolutely amazing sport to watch. I've had friends tell me after watching tennis for the first time, "WOW! I had no idea tennis was so exciting!" WORD.

    OK so that's what I think about the campaign, but as far as the whole renaming extravaganza, with the numbers and the WTF Championship (I mean, hello?!) that's where I say they need to chill the F out. And the guy in the logo with his hands raised up isn't helping matters. Not a fan of his "excitement." Cheese.

  5. Like the Feel It campaign. Hate the logo and the new names.

    Like Johanne said, it's a good idea to keep the "Feel It" concept while changing the ads every year, it keeps both consistency and originality. But compared to the campaign imagery, that ATP logo looks incredible dull and old.


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