Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Anando spotted at Real Madrid match, off-season romance begins

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Anando spotted at Real Madrid match, off-season romance begins

So remember when I wondered aloud if Ana Ivanovic would be taking a trip to Spain to visit boyfriend Fernando Verdasco? And remember how I admitted I was, like, so jealous??

Well color me (not) shocked and (still) jealous to have been tipped off by a DtL reader to this video of a spiffy-looking Anando watching Real Madrid get upset by Real Union yesterday.

Wow - that didn't take long at all Ana. You really hopped onto that Spanish train with a quickness. Ride it!

Have a happy off-season Anando...we'll all be watching.

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  1. i'm jealous of them both...

    lol Ride it indeed. Ride it hard.

    this may be an interesting off-season after all??

  2. I'd like a ticket on that Spanish train too, thank you very much. I assume Rafa is the caboose? :D

  3. b2012: i'm willing it to be interesting as i type

    johanne: LOL! the visual of the three of them together is too much to take...oy.

  4. Oh, it is SO her fault that Madrid lost. Ruined my damn day yesterday and now I know who to blame. I'll never look at Ana the same way again. Fernando, on the other hand, tee hee hee he's pretty =D

  5. Caboose...BWHA!!!!!! Good one, Johanne.

    People all over the world
    Join hands
    Start a love train
    Love train

  6. gees some girls really have all the luck..!

  7. They're adorable. Though the thought of a Serbian sandwich is awesome.

    And can we start a petition for a permanent AnaFer Cam? I could watch that forever.

  8. they are cute together. ana told the media that they started going out during the USO
    here's the video on youtube

  9. It's Nando's birthday on the 15th. I think Ana is there to celebrate his birthday.

  10. I can't bring myself to like Verdasco, he looks so... greasy. Maybe it's the hair, and the (faked?) tan. I'm not an Ivanovic fan, but I think she can do better.

  11. i wasn't much of a verdasco fan either until i saw him in person and i got to tell you he is HOT!!!!

  12. Well done C-NOTE for calling the couple by a name that conforms more to reality - Anafer. It's many a long year since Fer Verdasco answered to his old childhood/adolescence name of Nando...

  13. .... oh, and by the way, Rich, Ana din't "go" to Spain to visit Verdasco - she's been living there (based in Barcelona) for the past two years!

  14. anon 9:33 - wow anon, i didn't realize imagined combo names were so important to you. i'm glad to know you've submitted your approval, or in my case, disapproval. to each his own i suppose.

    where have you been all my life? can't wait for what profound comments you'll be leaving next. yay!

  15. Uh oh Viadisova! If it is love this kind a publicity will not help. If something else it can only be a distraction for Ivanovic who has only been in decline since the French. Ivanovic will make more $$ than Verdasco and he will always play second fiddle. Some day that will cause him to stray. I think the best is to leave them alone and let it play it's course and hope than Ivanovic's game is not to affected by it.

    Tennis romance almost never works while players are at the height of thier careers.

  16. anon 2:12 - good point. usually either their game suffers or the relationship suffers but they don't usually rise up at the same time.

    time will tell i suppose.


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