Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Shrieka gets dressy, attends CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund event in New York

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

SIGHTING: Shrieka gets dressy, attends CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund event in New York

Maria Sharapova, who was spotted with her handlers headed for Barneys yesterday in New York, attended the 5th anniversary of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund at Skylight Studios last night.

The Russian was one of many celebrities at the event including Oscar-winner Charlize Theron; Gossip Girl's Blake Lively + Penn Badgeley; designers Zac Posen, Vera Wang + Diane Von Furstenberg; and of course Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.

Obviously the chocolate duel-tiered minidress and strappy stilettos are a huge improvement over her casual wear during yesterday's jaunt around The Big Apple.

sure does dress up well when she wants to!

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  1. shrieka ought to know that blonde girls should wear bright colours, not dull colours like black, grey, navy, etc.
    she always wears such pale colours. it's not striking at all.

  2. She (or at least her make up artist) should hold a make-up workshop and invite the girls of the WTA and show some of them how it should be done. *cough* JJ *cough*

  3. vicki: i'm thinking she busted out the brown because it's fall. however, she wore yellow in the spring and of course the ruby red at the us open last year. she (or her stylist) usually has a good idea of what works on her - sometimes she's off by usually she gets it right.

    anon: her makeup here is flawless - very subtle. i'm glad she hasn't started working the bright red lips that i've been seeing lately. ReRe tried it in doha and it just looked horrible.

  4. someone else connected to tennis was there too

  5. I think she looks lovely in brown. And her eyes are such a beautiful hue - who knew!

  6. anon 3:04 - thanks for the link. i don't have a wire image account so if you know where i can get the image of brooklyn i'd love to post it.

    johanne: i love the whole look too.

  7. there is one of her on getty :p
    or or lol

  8. The best thing about Masha is that she knows what photographs well with respect to both clothes and makeup. I fell like the other girls don't get that. Dani is the worst offender.

    Still, not a fan of those Jimmy Choo gladiator chic shoes.

  9. rich: Maria works with the stylist Rachel Zoe. This is probably why she doesn't make to many fashion missteps.

  10. c note: i beg to differ here - jj is THE worst offender IMO. hands (and bangs) down.

    allison: noted. let's hope shrieka doesn't follow her dieting tips though. scarily thin is so 90's.

  11. anon 3:39 - thanks for the links. i have getty but the image on getty is not for's for sale. so annoying. the others require subscriptions too. double drats.

  12. Oh, I agree, JJ is the WORST offender. How that girl, as vain as she is, doesn't realize that we can see all the creases in her caked on makeup is one of life's great mysteries.

    But in terms of someone who really fuglifies herself with her wardrobe, makeup, and hair choices, it's Dani, hands down. She's so cute and she NEVER photographs well. Girl needs to lay off the eye shadow.

  13. Thats more like it!..more me the money : )

  14. I really love her style here, too. I also don't agree blondes should only wear bright colours. We're no parrots ;). It depends on the type really.

    But I'm with c note on the shoes. I think they're so ugly - kinda reminds me of a cleaning lady, dunno why LOL.

    Anyways, the make-up is flawless.

    Oh, and I also agree on Dani - she's really gorgeous on tv, but I'm always disappointed of her photos. Something's wrong there.

  15. Maria looks awesome, great outfit, great shoes, great hair and makeup. It's nice to see a tennis player put their money to work and hire a stylist when going out. I wish other millionaire players would take the hint!


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