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Monday, November 17, 2008

SIGHTING: No work and all play for Shrieka, hits up Barneys in NYC

Maria Sharapova made a visit to The Big Apple this weekend and got her shop on. The tennis fashionista was joined by her handlers as she made her way to Barneys in Midtown.

I guess riding boots are the shoe of choice for Shrieka and her crew on this trip. Good choice since it's the fall season. Her fave ballerina flats just won't work at this time of year in New York, not to mention that frumpy cardigan she's working here. In fact, that sweater won't work at any time in any year - drop it.

Click here for more shots of Shrieka in NYC.

(images via WTA Tennis Blog)


  1. I want. So badly. The black Gucci bag on the right. FLOVE.

    And Masha's Prada boots.

    And re the cardigan, what can I saw. We Californians think a long cardy goes with everything. Just be glad she's not in flip flops.

  2. c note: ah-ha! that explains it. now we know who to blame: you westies!

    yeah love the boots especially the brown paired with grey - yummy.

  3. The 80's and Molly Ringwald called.....they want their outfit back!!

  4. Uvijek Argen (seinfeld) for todayNovember 17, 2008 at 12:35 PM

    Annnnd whats they deal with those HUGE bags?? I mean, can they carry that much lipstick inside??

  5. uvijek: O...M...G. it's 80's overload. those bags are just props - they're probably empty. it's all about the look - slouchy, sloppy, and oversized.

  6. Again, you can blame the California hippies for bringing back hobo chic.

  7. I LOVE bags like that but I've only got 4 things to put into them. But, they're sooooooo beautiful, how can I resist?

    I wonder if she dressed the other two ladies as well...

  8. As a guy I just dont understand, seeing a hot woman like Sharapova, "why you want to dress in those big cloth"??
    I mean...any woman that have her body will be like Eddie Murphy on Nutty Professor when he got skinny and was asked what he like to wear......"Spandex I want EVERYTHING in SPANDEEEEEXXX"!!!!


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