Google Down the Line!: Serena plays cardigan-wearing, panty hose-loving Fed for Halloween

Monday, November 3, 2008

Serena plays cardigan-wearing, panty hose-loving Fed for Halloween

So I guess Serena Williams fibbed a little when she promised the world she'd be writing a little less (phew!) and video-ing a little more (yay!) on her website. But it seems incomprehensible writing is a hard habit to break for the US Open champ - bad luck for us.

Anyway, for Halloween ReRe decided to emulate her fave tennis baller, Roger Federer, and even worked the Wimbledon Gatsby-esque cardigan given to her by the Swiss maestro himself.

Via her blog:

Can u guess who I am dressed as???

If you said Roger Federer that you are correct! I love him and he's my fav player!!!
Being a big fan of Roger (and playing tennis has its perks). Roger gave me one of his Wimbledon Sweaters! I was so ecstatic when he gave it to me I did not know what I was gonna do.

Than for Halloween day I got invited to this party and I HAD to dress up and.... Well..... Let's just say I hope he's not mad with what I did to his sweater. It kept me super warm all night and I of course still have it, and will forever cherish it.... And the memories I had wearing it. Lol

I hope he doesn’t see these pics and say "I'm never giving her my Line again!" Hahaaaha we will see......

Anyways- Let me know what you think!!!

First of all, who the hell knew she hung out with Nicky Hilton? Weird. Secondly, who wants to see Fed doing an impression of ReRe doing an impression of Fed??

Seriously, he'd look so INCREDIBLE in shimmery, nude panty hose.

See the rest of the pics here.

(image via


  1. Rena looks... well, she should have opted for the backwards pants Fed wore in 07! lol
    As for Fed, he should totally wear her catsuit next year ;)

  2. notice that nicky's torso = serena's thigh, size-wise

  3. Does she even have any pants on?

    sooooo very random.

  4. My dinner...

  5. Maja and Rich, don't give Roger any ideas for his next Wimby looks! This must be harder on Roger than losing his n° 1 ranking.

  6. This outfit is so creepy. But I guess that's a given on Halloween. LOL

  7. Oh Lord...
    Oh Serena!

    Her writing makes me laugh though. :O

  8. is this like the diss Serena blog or what? it was Halloween people. Have a sense of humour.


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