Google Down the Line!: Second place isn't a fun place for Fed, "I'm not world No. 2..." says Roger

Monday, November 10, 2008

Second place isn't a fun place for Fed, "I'm not world No. 2..." says Roger

Roger Federer has revealed he isn't enjoying playing second fiddle on the ATP Tour these days.

The Swiss maestro told the media at his pre-tourney presser in Shanghai this weekend,

When they (court announcers) say 'This is the world No. 2' it just doesn't sound right to me because either I'm No. 1 or I'm a grand slam champion.

I'm not world No. 2. I just don't like the ring of it when I'm introduced on court. It just sounds awkward to me because I've been up there for so, so long it just sounds unfamiliar. But, at the same time, it is a challenge to get back where I was and I think next year will be a good chance.

I will be doing everything, starting here.
Fed's Masters Cup campaign, however, was derailed today when he was stunned by streaking Frenchie Gilles Simon 4-6, 6-4, 6-3.

Newsflash Fed: you ARE world No.2 and you haven't been playing like the top baller for a while now so put the sour grapes away. Seriously, just check the results of the guy right above you.

PS - thanks to DtL reader Risha for the tip!

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  1. Oh man, the paragraphs of annoyance I would like to spill out over this is ridiculous. Does he think people are actually going to feel sorry for him? Oh, woe, number two, how sad. Aw. He says that as though he doesn't think number one deserves number one. I'm glad his true personality colors are shining through for people to see.

    (sorry - so sad to hear about Rafa's season being over and him being hurt that everything else has me in an uproar!)

  2. now roger knows how rafael really felt - i don't feel a bit sorry for roger!

  3. give him a break people, he´s saying nothing but the truth, you would be all so very exciting being number two after four year being number one, wouldnt you? All he´s showing is that he´s just a man like anyone else. But being oh so sorry for Rafa, sure go ahead... his own decision to destroy his body in order to become number one, strange feeling for me to pity someone who is twenty two and number one in tennnis, but I seriously do

  4. i understand that he's not very excited about being number two BUT he SURELY isn't not #1. So just shut up!!!!!

  5. Everyone has their opinion, so feel free to feel that way about Rafa. I don't think pity is what the guy is after. He's only following the ATP calendar, not excessively playing out of his mind.

  6. >>Seriously, just check the results of the guy right above you.<<

    Oh, I misread. I thought you said "check the shorts". My bad.

  7. lol at natch's comment! lol
    now i forgot what i was gonna add... lol again

  8. I don't think Roger was trying to inspire pity or slam Rafa. When he says "I'm No.1 or I'm a grand slam champion" he was taliking about how awkward it is being REFERRED to as #2 because for so long "No. 1 or... grand slam champion" is how he was described or introduced. I know what he means; watching the tournaments I winced everytime I heard #2 preceed his name. It's simply because he (and many of us) are so used to him being #1.

  9. Hey, guess what Fed and fans? Being used to something isn't the same as being entitled to it.

    I'm pretty sure the actual No.1 would love to be playing in Shanghai, whatever the hell they introduced him as, instead of sitting at home injured. After all, he did somehow manage to deal with the trauma of being introduced as No.2 for 3 effing years.

  10. I'm tired of fans justifying Fed's comments as "telling the truth". He sounds arrogant, and he's been sounding that way for a while now. It's like people saying that Serena's earned the right to say she's the real n° 1. Earn your ranking, let your racket do the talking and stop bitching.
    PS: I'm sorry about Nadal's injury. I'm not a fan, but I wanted him to play Davis Cup.

  11. Anon 7:56 you're twisting sara's words just like Roger's words are being twisted. Where the hell in that quote does Roger say that he's entitled to the #1 ranking? For the record I'm not a fan of Fed I prefer tall blond Argentines in the form of David Nalbandian.


  12. anon 10:34 "earn your ranking let your racket do the talking," wtf are you complaining about? Roger agrees: "But at the same time, it is a challenge to get back were I was and I think next year will be a good chance."
    He recogninzes that #1 has to be earned. And frankly we should all shut up considering that no one here (like Roger) knows what it's like to be #1 or even a pro tennis player. Do you hear that anon 7:56?

  13. Wow, what a Fed fans - Rafa fans clash LOL.

    Of course I'm sticking to the Rafa camp, but I gotta say I really used to like Fed. Nowadays though, his comments just annoy me. The big talk was alright as long as he kept stunning the world with his record-breaking results.
    This season though, he didn't really strike me as the top baller. But his drop in the rankings was just a matter of time - you can't keep that skyhigh level up forever. I'm also pretty sure he'll be able to become no. 1 again some day.

    But right now I just hate the snotty "this just isn't right" attitude. That's my own personal opinion. And what's "I'm not world no. 2" supposed to mean? DUH YOU ARE. Of course you're not used to it - well get over it already! Welcome to Rafa's world!!

  14. I am not surprised in the least that he would make a comment like this. I've always thought Fed made a lot backhanded compliments and this is yet another example. Seriously, pay attention when he "compliments" another player. It's so irritating to me. And I think now it's just becoming more noticeable because he's currently world No. 2. He's lettin' those remarks fly a little bit more these days. It's a shame because he's a fantastic player and gives so much to the sport. But I never became a fan.

  15. Fed makes one handed backhanded compliments.

  16. sorry, but for me we are all interpreting what Roger is saying just to fit our own perceptions here. I surely dont take anyone of them two being naive enough, so both want to be number 1, unfortunately based on the way the ranking is cant at the same time:))), so someone has to give, first it was Rafa for a long time, now Roger, we just have to see what happens next year, all Rafa fans,keep your fingers crossed for his health, otherwise it might not be even Roger to take number one spot back...

  17. Anon 1:27, I'm not complaining, I'm giving my opinion, just like you and anon 7:56 are. And I still think he's arrogant.


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