Google Down the Line!: Rafa the third most referenced athlete online, Beckham + Ronaldo take top spots

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rafa the third most referenced athlete online, Beckham + Ronaldo take top spots

Thanks to DtL reader johanne for tipping me off to the latest news on Rafael Nadal., a Spanish research-based website that collects and measures information uploaded online about famous people in sports, politics, entertainment, technology, religion and more, is reporting that Rafa is the third most popular athlete on the Internet behind David Beckham + Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively. According to his site, the Mallorcan Matador has gained 28 million references with only the two footballers gaining more than him.

Other ballers who made the Top 100 include Rainer Schuettler (17), Anna Kournikova (42), Maria Sharapova (53), Roger Federer (54), Ana Ivanovic (60), Serena Williams (79), Justine Henin (82), Bjorn Borg (86), Andy Roddick (89), Venus Williams (91), and Andre Agassi (100). Seriously, Rainer at #17? Weird.

Anyway, congrats Rafa! And, believe you me, you're sorely missed right now (at least by a bunch of readers on this blog.)

PS - I know a sure-fire way of getting yourself to the top of this list: more boom-boom shots.

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  1. Happy to help, Rich!

    BTW, that top 3 is a mouth-watering sandwich of smokin' hot deliciousness. YUH-UM!

  2. Schuettler???
    ahaha, ok.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Rafa. Now I feel better. Thanks, Rich.

    Hey, he's #1 mentioned here. Isn't that newsworthy?

  4. I would think Schuettler's rank had a lot to do with his Olympic elligibility.

  5. Does Shuettler share the same name with another famous athlete? Do his friends have different blogs where they mention him all the time? How come he's 17?

  6. Yeah Schuettler's rank weirds me out - especially when Roger's no. 54.

    Tee hee, now that's a miserable ranking, even worse than no. 2, huh? Pun intended. :P

    But to get to the actual topic: YAY, RAFA NEWS!!!! Finally. I'm thirsting Rafa infos right now. He's indeed so so missed.

  7. anon 9:37 - ok that could make sense. no other explanation really would besides rainer's olympic eligibility issues this summer. thanks!


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