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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quote of the Day: Ferrer

Would I sign now for a 1-1 on Friday? Not only would I sign for it, I would pay for it if necessary.

- David Ferrer on the Davis Cup final

Not the most positive mindset to bring to the table David.

It'll be tough for Spain without Rafael Nadal - no question - but not completely out of reach especially since it's been rumored the surface was changed to medium pace when the top baller pulled out. However, if David Nalbandian shows up (in all ways) and Juan Martin del Potro stays focused and doesn't "feel" the moment, it could be a short weekend for the visiting team.

But here's hoping it goes to a fifth decider!

(image via Getty)


  1. That photo is, so wrong without Rafa in it.

  2. They kinda all look frightened (esp Feli & Ferrer!) like they're about to sh!t their pants or something. Except for the Rafa-replacement dude. He's just like, "I'm in Argentina. Sweet!"

  3. I think I read somewhere that they made the court slower, so you have a good point. Except for Nadal, the Spanish players are not the strongest mentally. I hope the captain gives them the confidence they need.

  4. LOL @ Johanne's comment. So true.

    And yeah, this picture is really missing Rafa. :-((


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