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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quote of the Day: Borg on Murray

I feel sure he will win one of the majors next year, and eventually become the No1.

- Bjorn Borg on Andy Murray

Pretty big endorsement, eh? But just remember, this is the guy that picked Roger Federer to win Roland Garros on the eve of this year's final then said it "wouldn't surprise" him if the Swiss retired next year after making the 5-time defending champ his third pick at Wimbledon.

A tennis legend does not a fortune teller make. Believe at your own risk.

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  1. Hey, I've almost matched Borg with my predictions! :D I predicted Roger wouldn't win Wimbledon (or get to the final), would never win another slam, and that Murray will win his first next year. Unfortunately, that where our (Borg & my) similarities end. The words "tennis legend" go with me about as well as JJ's denim vest and sundress went on her. ;)

  2. natch: now, if you tell me your next venture is to launch an underwear line with the name "natch" all across the waistband, i'll fall of my chair!

  3. Well, Borg also said Rafa would win Wimby this year. But then, I did, too. Am I a tennis expert now? ;-)

    I MISS RAFA!!!

  4. Like Rafa said, "Borg is not magic, no?"

  5. Right. Only Rafa is magic. ;)

  6. Too much meat balls for Borg?

  7. I have to agree with Bjorg this time - the momentum is on Andy's side!

    I'd love to see the following next year:

    Aussie - Murray
    French - Rafa
    Wimbledon - Roger
    U.S. Open - Tsonga

    But of course, this is going to be ALL WRONG! But it's fun to guess.

  8. Borg is one of the great players of all time, but he is f*cking stupid. As a swede I'm embarrased every time I hear his awful english and bullshit comments in interviews. Wilander is the swedish tennis legend with verbal skills and something north of his shoulders.

  9. anon 4:05 - totally off-topic but your country has some serious legends. great tradition over there!

  10. So true, Borg, Wilander, Edberg and I would like to add Björkman as well, he has some GS doubles titles, but unfortunatly swedish tennis is at an all-time low at the moment. Psycho Söderling and Sofia Arvidsson, but that's it.

    And Federer ditch Stockholm Open, but at least the clay Spaniards have fun with the Swedish blonde girls every summer in Båstad. :)


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