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Monday, November 24, 2008

PHOTO OP: Spain upsets Argentina, captures third Davis Cup championship

Spain capped off an historic sporting year this weekend when it captured the Davis Cup championship, its third ('00, '04) in the last eight years, upsetting a favored Argentina on their home soil.

Fernando Verdasco lived out his dream when he clinched the deciding rubber over Jose Acasuso 6-3, 6-7(3), 4-6, 6-3, 6-1 after giving Spain a 2-1 lead going into Sunday by teaming up with Feliciano Lopez to defeat Agustin Calleri and David Nalbandian in doubles on Saturday. It was Spain's first win on foreign soil and Argentina's first-ever Davis Cup loss at home.

Rafael Nadal was quick to congratulate his compatriots on their exciting win telling state television:

These are unforgettable moments. We need to stress that they've made history. It's an unforgettable victory. I don't think it's possible to be any happier.
In addition to the Davis Cup championship, Spain can boast the world's top tennis baller in Rafa who captured a fourth straight Roland Garros title, a Wimbledon crown, and an Olympic gold medal in Beijing; a European Championship in football/soccer after a 44-year drought and lead in the FIFA world rankings; and the Tour de France championship won by Carlos Sastre in July.

Not too shabby, eh?

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  1. WHY is Rafa not there to support his friends??? He's too busy playing, er, hide the racquet with Xisca in.. where again?

    Sigh. I love white shorts. Felo!!!! Cute!

    Congrats Spain! Man, they must have done something right in the 80's to produce such great sportsmen, donchathink?

  2. Babz--I was just thinking it's so wrong without Rafa there! ;)'s also good they can win without him, even though some of us can't live without him! btw, hide the racquet? my favorite game. ;)

    You know what I find odd? There is blue & white confetti. Was Argentina a little overconfident? They should have had blue & white if they won, and a neutral color if they didn't want to have red on hand if Spain won. Say, just drop the white confetti. I think it's a little disrespectful.

  3. There was a story that came out the week before the finals that Emilio Sanchez didn't want Rafa there because he thought he would be too much of a distraction. I thought that was pretty odd, and kind of lame.

  4. I thought Sanchez' comments a bit out of place and rude, too, especially since Ana I was supposedly traveling to Argentina-- another big "distraction" IMO. Seems like she wasn't there either, so maybe someone put a word in someone's ear. Anyway, I did feel a little sad during the shots of the Spain bench and celebrations, not seeing Nadal there.

  5. Turned out Sanchez was right - Rafa not being there to attract media feeding-frenzy helped other boys to better concentrate on themselves and their game.

    BTW, Rafa needed therapy for his knee. He even took his physio with him to his week-long vacation on Mauritius, for regular massage and icing. This would not have been possible sitting all day on the bench in Argentina, cheering on his mates.

  6. A perfect way to close the year. Congrats to Spain...<3

  7. Natch, I think Argentina was a bit overconfident. That white and blue confetti contrasting with the color of the Spaniards' uniform look ridiculous. Many people speculate that they didn't take the doubles match into account, because they were confident they'd be 2-0 on Friday.
    I wanted Nadal to play DC, but I'm happy these guys, who'll probably never achieve what Nadal has, were able to win without him.

  8. natch,

    we are sisters from another mother. What would we give to play that game with Rafa?

  9. natch + babz: you'd have to get through xisca first, and that girl would CUT you!!!

  10. Rich - pish posh. I can break that skinny girl in two. She didn't give me the boots, now I go after Rafa. ;)

  11. So happy for Spain!! What an exciting deciding match - Tabasco took me on an emotional roller coaster ride and I loved every second of it! And how cute was it that Rafa was basically standing by to congratulate his teammates (and friends)?? ...his comments were posted online almost instantaneously. You def get the sense they are such a close-knit team :)

    Rich did you see any of Spain's TV coverage? I needed me some Rafa so I went logged onto www. and found some adorable clips of him congratulating the team. There's also a bunch of clips of Spain celebrating, etc. I don't even speak Spanish but I was soaking it up. Check out how HOT Rafa looks in this one:

    You are sooooooo missed, Rafa...

  12. babz: ahhh the boots, yes. well you know where you can shove those now. rafa is at your mercy.

  13. johanne: hey thanks for the links! i'm on a bit of vacation so posting will be slow. feel free to post links to more DC/Rafa partying here since i prob won't be posting tons this week.

  14. Rich, please do enjoy your vacation. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

    To my fellow Rafa/Spanish tennis fans - here's some clips of the whole Davis Cup extravaganza, if interested:

    Rafa congratulates Feli on the phone (too cute):

    Locker room celebration (featuring a few shirtless men):

    The moment they won (featuring a very hot shirtless Feli at 2:02):

    Interview with the entire team:


  15. >>natch + babz: you'd have to get through xisca first, and that girl would CUT you!!!<<

    That where you come into play. You must go with us to Spain, pretend you're straight and lure Xisca away for a brief moment. We can take it from there, and save you some for when you dump her a$$. Or better yet, convince her to be the videographer. If she knows what's good for her, she'll share.


    Will you marry me? ;)
    Rafa on the both completed me.

  16. Babz,

    I would give up attending US Opens for the next 10 years...
    I would donate all the blood in my body (but save just enough to perform certain *acts*) to the Red Cross...
    I would give Rich's left testicle to play htr with Rafa.

  17. natch: who's gay? oh, and it's a good thing i have a spare testi - do what you will with the extra. you have my blessing (and my testi's too.)


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