Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Rafa and his tendinitis hit the waters of Mauritius

Thursday, November 20, 2008

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Rafa and his tendinitis hit the waters of Mauritius

Thanks to DtL reader amon for tipping me off to the latest on Rafael Nadal.

While his compatriots sweat it out in Mar del Plata, Argentina preparing for this weekend's Davis Cup final, Rafa was sweating it out for a different reason.

The world's top baller (and his sick legs) took a well-deserved vacation in hot + sunny Mauritius with Xisca in tow. He was spotted snorkling, swimming, running on the beach, and riding a 'doughnut' during his break from tennis action.

So I guess this means the knee tendinitis that shut down his season early is all healed up now - how convenient!

Do you think he called Serena Williams for advice on this one?

I guess even Xisca can still be hypnotized by Rafa's more natural "gifts". Maybe it's because those tiny green trunks look like they're struggling mightily to keep him all in.

What IS going on down there, man? Lordy, Lordy...

(images via, X17)


  1. Good for Rafa! Enjoy yourself and come back ready to light up '09!

  2. hey.. using one's knees for fun activities is different from using one's knees for a physically-demanding sport.
    if rafa could be at least 80% to play, he would. it's not like he's skirting davis cup duties.

  3. I agree- tubing is not quite the same as playing tennis- so I can not get on board with the "he's faking it" train.

  4. ok calm down - take your tongue and put it into your cheek! it's all fun guys.

  5. OMG. As a huge Rafa fan and also a huge fan of his tennis wardrobe (sorry! love the tight capris and the muscle tees and the sweaty bandanas - LOVE IT ALL, people!) I am also totally down with these teeny green trunks. Yowsa. How can someone be so damn fine! Thanks for these snaps, Rich!

  6. johanne: no worries! did you see the "update"? xisca's seen it all and she still looks amazed. i'm so curious now! oh, and good effort by those swim trunks to keep him, eh, all in.

  7. HA HA yes, Rich, I did see the update! Can you blame the girl? I'd stare in disbelief too! That boy was born to be ogled - no matter how long you've know him or dated him or stalked him :D

    The thing about Xisca (at least for me) is that I think she's the coolest chick and def a great match for Rafa. Yet I'm also insanely jealous of her and would jump her boyfriend's bones without even thinking about it. Ahhhh, so confusing! Ha ha ha.

  8. johanne: so then here's the recipe - get to know her, become her BFF, share life + love tips, finally get invited on a double date with Rafisca, then when she's not looking jump his bones, pinky swear him to secrecy, then repeat as necessary.

    i wouldn't know how to do this from experience, mind you. it's a combo platter from things i've seen on tv - isn't that stuff meant to be tried???

  9. RAFA NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! o_O

    Oh and also with some naked skin, ahhh, life's good again. Man, and does he look good in those tiny little trunks. YOWZA is exactly what I was thinking, Johanne.

    Also, I cracked up hard at how flabby that guy to Rafa's left looks next to him in the first pic. :D

    Oh well, Xisca - jealousy keeps me of liking her too much LOL. But I see why Rafa's her boyfriend. Only she should urgently gain some weight, she looks REALLY skinny.

    BTW, I finally received bj Rafa, and he just looks like in the last pic, yay!

    natch, where are you anyway?!?! Possibly in Mauritius?!?! You bad girl you (cough go steal Rafa from Xisca cough).

  10. thanks for the post, rich! anything about rafa always made my day..

  11. Rich: It should definitely be tried... just finished packing my bags for my move to Spain. Will tie up loose ends and figure out other boring logistics later. Must befriend Xisca and bone Rafa STAT. Keep you posted! HA HA :D

    Sonja: Yes, it was the plethora of naked Rafa skin that took it to another level. So hot. Oh and LOL about the flabby guy - totally did NOT even know there was another dude in the picture!! Pffff!

  12. The flabby guy in black trunks next to Rafa is actually his physio Rafael Maymo.

    So, apart from obvious mild beach activities (and presumed more feisty private ones), this is a vacation-cum-therapy package.

    Lookin' good, Rafa.

  13. Nice catch on the Maymo sighting, Anonymous.

    Let the naked boating vacation begin! Is it wrong of me to hope there are many, MANY more pictures coming?


  14. they're awesome.


  15. well, this is better than moping at home for not being able to play in the DC

  16. In the last picture he looks like some kind of war lord. I like.

  17. Let's leave Rafa in peace for a while, he deserves it. You guys are right, just because he plays on the beach doesn't mean his knee is ok. He would have given anything to be part of the Davis Cup Victory! No one is more patriotic than Rafa. Anyone remember the Olympics???


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