Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JJ receives year-end trophy, finds new uses for denim in Doha

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PHOTO OP: JJ receives year-end trophy, finds new uses for denim in Doha

Jelena Jankovic and her bangs were spotted receiving the year-end No.1 trophy today in Doha.

I'm almost speechless so I can still say the striped halter dress is bad but the denim vest is absolutely cringe-worthy. 

Hey JJElena Dementieva called and she wants the missing piece from her Yonex mess back.


(image via Getty)


  1. Oh. My. FG.

    That looks like something you can buy in a sleazy lingerie store. Ahem. Not that I've ever been in any, just.. you know.. I picture a sleazy lingerie store would have that kinda vest cos.. damn.

    SRSLY JJ. You're my age! LOOK this age! Less make up and, it's time you start finding out which clothes work for you and what doesn't.

  2. oh man. Someone get her a stylist immediately. This is ridiculous.

  3. Klassy with a capital K!

  4. All you young girls, listen up: Blunt bangs are NEVER, EVER a good idea. On ANYBODY.

    She should be penalized the #1 ranking for that vest.

  5. What does she get besides the trophy?

  6. Ew, the vest is weird. Where do you even buy stuff like that?

    The only good thing about her outfit is the dark nail colour. That I like.

  7. She needs a cowboy hat, too.

  8. yikes what a fashion train wreck. she might as well also have a giant foam #1 finger...

  9. What is Jankovic doing? The dead hair, the vest...the raccoon eyeliner... Noooo...


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