Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JJ enjoys soothing massage during defeat of Sveta in Doha

Thursday, November 6, 2008

PHOTO OP: JJ enjoys soothing massage during defeat of Sveta in Doha

Jelena Jankovic was spotted getting treatment on her back during her match against Svetlana Kuznetsova at the WTA Championships in Doha. The top lady baller defeated her Russian foe 7-6 (6), 6-4 to go 2-0 in round robin play and reach the semifinals.

JJ sure looks like she's in excruciating pain here - I can see why she called the trainer. It must be tough.

I'd love to tally the number of injury time outs JJ has taken this year. Any guesses? Do tell!

(image via Getty)


  1. Wow yeah that's so painful I can hardly look at it...

    I don't know what that tally would be but I bet it rivals the times she's appeared in glitter.

  2. who's a bigger drama queen her or Djerko??

  3. Well, JJ has a 63-17 record this year -- not including the YEC. She's won four titles. I'm only estimating here but, I'd say she's called for the trainer twice per match win and three times per match loss. Then, you multiply that by the four titles and that means she's called for the trainer 708 times. I think that's a pretty accurate number.


  4. LOL - too funny people.

    I'd say JJ + Nole are evenly matched on the drama level. They get my vote for an Oscar - though I think I gave my to Fed for his "hiatus". Oops.

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