Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Cheery Nalbandian accepts runner-up award, smirks and says "die" to the camera

Monday, November 3, 2008

PHOTO OP: Cheery Nalbandian accepts runner-up award, smirks and says "die" to the camera

In typical style, David Nalbandian looked absolutely thrilled after losing his Paris Masters shield to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga this weekend.

Doesn't the Argentine look like he's about to smack the nearest Parisian he can find with his lovely runner-up trophy (wait, where's Jo-Willy in that pic btw?) I guess he's pissed he couldn't pull off his October surprise this year and grab the Madrid-Paris double again.

David should know by now you can't put all of your season's eggs in these two baskets. No worries - there's always the Davis Cup final to save his season.

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  1. David was actually very gracious/sweet in his speech. It was nice to see.

  2. anon 11:19 - well, i would hope he was gracious in his speech because his face says something else. but how about a gracious smile?

    this is nothing new for him, really.

  3. I was there, and indeed he seemed to be in a bad mood. But I can understand, he had the whole crowd against him.. :)

  4. Typical.... LOL.
    And yet again he didn't make it to Shanghai last minute.

    It's really too bad he can't keep a steady form for too long - he's extremely talented.

  5. Well, he did look like he wanted to get outta there as soon as possible. He did give a lovely smile at the mention of Davis Cup, so he better win this thing, or else...We might be in for another year or two of hibernation!
    I was anonymous at 11:16, BTW

  6. nessa: well hello aka anon

    sonja: i used to be a big fan of his but i got really frustrated with his seeming lack of interest in doing anything with his talent. it's so unfortunate but you see so many come and go who'd rather party/hang out/eat themselves silly than train and be the best - and he's right there with the best of them.

    plus there's this sort of arrogance he gives off where he thinks he can just rely on his natural talent and he should be fine - wrongo!

  7. 'David Nalbandian looked absolutely thrilled' - haha lol!
    Rich, the thing about that arrogance he gives off, I was thinking the same.
    I'm really happy for JW, he deserves it! The way he was smiling and crying after his win was so cute ^^

  8. I have to say it's nice to see Nalby at least looking like he *cares* that he lost! He doesn't always seem to give a damn, you know?

    He's a real puzzle, but wow, when he puts his mind to it, he's an amazing player.

  9. LOL not bad, but Hantuchova's face after the AO semifinal against Ivanovic was even better

  10. "Seeming lack of interest". That is exactly what I was always wondering, Rich. Sometimes he seems to not even care whether he wins or not. There's times when he beats the top 3 players in a row, and there's times when he earns several 1st round losses against some unknown qualifiers.

    I can't wrap my mind around what's actually wrong with him. He's been no. 3 in the world, and he doesn't seem to give a damn about the fact that he isn't anymore and probably won't ever be again.
    I dunno what's with the attitude. Well, maybe he's really one of those guys who are fine with being around, always somewhere in the top 20, but never really hitting it off.

    It's a mystery to me.


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