Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Champions arrive in Kuala Lumpur for exo - so what's James doing there?

Monday, November 17, 2008

PHOTO OP: Champions arrive in Kuala Lumpur for exo - so what's James doing there?

The tennis season for most of the men ended this weekend so you know what that means: bring on the money-making exos!

Bjorn Borg, James Blake, Roger Federer, and John McEnroe arrived in Kuala Lumpur for the Showdown of Champions and attended the pre-match presser today. Last year, Fed + Pete Sampras traveled here during their much-heralded series of exhibition matches.

Call me crazy but doesn't James seem severely out of place here? He must be thinking the same thing. For some reason James and "champion" just don't have the right ring to it. I wish Rafael Nadal, who was the other choice besides the American baller, had made this exo - how incredible would that sight have been?

Oh well, it's a great opportunity for James to join these legends and makes some serious bank along the way. Win win!

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  1. Well, guess the other three actual champions need a punching bag. And it'll give James great stories to tell the grandkids one day. I mean, how many players can say they were beaten by Borg, Mcenroe AND Federer all in one week.

  2. i like james' personality but a champion he is not. they couldn't have found someone who wanted to travel and make money who's actually won a major? a-rod, safin, hewitt even??

  3. ummmmmm pretty lame of James to pass on TMC and then show up for this exo. WTF!

  4. johanne: james was hearing this sound..."cha-ching!"

    decision made.

  5. Seriously. Whatever!

    What I also find odd is that he seems the most relaxed and natural in these snaps. Totally out of place and yet he finds a way to look less cheesy and significantly less uncomfortable than the champs. Lookin' good, James!

  6. OMG! Why am I the only person who knows why it's James instead of Rafa???

    Johnny Mac announced this during the US Open. It was either going to be Rafa or James, depending on who won Davis Cup (at the time the contract was signed, James was playing well.Anyone remember the Olympics?) The winner obviously could not go there (he would be preparing for DC), so the loser would participate. As it turns out, even if Rafa & Spain lost, we wouldn't get to see him. *bursts into tears* Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to my therapy appointment an physio for my psychosomatic right knee tendonitis.

  7. Hi Rich. Yeah, Blake seems out of place here and he's not really well-known among the fans in this region. The only person that sell the tickets is Roger. Not even Borg or John. However, it's still great to have him here.

    Blake is scheduled to conduct a tennis clinic tomorrow while Roger will meet the fans. I have no idea what John or Borg will do though.

  8. natch: i definitely didn't hear that one - I missed it. thanks for the update!

    hcfoo: are you going to the exo?

  9. Rich, yes I am. I was given media passes to access to all activities as a tennis blogger.

    Right after this event, I would love to share my experience of how to get invitation to tennis events, photo shoot, smaller tournaments, etc as a blogger. I'm actually trying to apply for one of those smaller Australian ATP tour next year.

    By the way, I met few people from the media at the press conference, and they are a HUGE fan of your blog!

  10. I don't get it. Last week, Fed said he was expecting for "a miracle" in his match against Murray, and his back was supposedly injured, plus the stomach bug, but now he's fit to play the exo? Either he's willing to injure his back even more for cash or he's not as injured as he seemed to be.

  11. hcfoo: wow - that's so cool! you never know who's reading in the world. i'd love to read about your experience getting inside the tennis world.

    anon: good point though he won't have to give as much physically. he can basically stroll in, do his thing, and leave with loads of cash in his pockets. that'll pay for future doctor's visits.

  12. natch,
    I remember the Blake was picked because of the Davis cup deal, but why couldn't they call Roddick ? At least he can be called a champion.

  13. gh,

    At the time the contract was offered and signed, Roddick was playing horribly, while Blake was doing well. Your argument makes sense to me, but they never consult us fans, do they? Personally, I wouldn't have picked either of them. I would have went with Rafa or nothing...but then I'm a wee bit biased. ;)

    *waves to Rich* I'm off for more therapy!


    I cannot believe they made them take a picture right outside KLCC!! I know the exact place they're standing on!! HAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAH

    Sorry to go all crazy Rich.. I studied for 9 years in Malaysia, and I cannot believe they're doing this exo JUST THIS YEAR right after I got home.. Damn.

    If I was there though, you'd be sure the photo shoot would need a military protection. Espesh if Rafa's there.

  15. ~babz:

    You're not kidding about needing military protection with Rafa's presence - check out what I just read on his website:

    I MISS RAFA!!!

  16. babz: you don't need to tell me - his life would seriously be threatened...or his clothing at the very least.

    johanne: thanks for the tip on the rafa story - i'm going to post about it now!


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