Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Ana reportedly purchases $5.7 million Mallorcan digs - will she have buyer's regret?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: Ana reportedly purchases $5.7 million Mallorcan digs - will she have buyer's regret?

Did Ana Ivanovic purchase this spectacular home in sunny Mallorca?

The Roland Garros champ, who was spotted sharing outfits with boytoy Fernando Verdasco in Madrid recently, has reportedly dropped 4.5 million euros ($5.7 million) on this 5 bedroom, 4 bath modern villa in Palma Son-Vida.

Here's the description:

This is a villa built on modern lines in 1998. The total plot occupies about 6,000 square meters, of which currently built-up area is 950. The property includes a project to a spa and a house east of additional guests, who can add other 750 m2 to the surface and habitable. The villa has two levels: the ground floor consists of a room of about 130 m2, open kitchen with breakfast area, master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom. On the first floor are 4 bedrooms with terrace and three bathrooms, two of which are en suite. It also includes a separate staff apartment with bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Ana and her tini-wini bikini do love to vacation in Mallorca but did she also purchase the pad for more intimate Anando action? If so, then it's safe to say when Ana commits she REALLY commits, though the same probably can't be said for Fernando and his infamous "dating" ways.

Buyer's regret? Stay tuned...

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  1. Hey wasn't Ana shopping for homes in Mallorca when those photos of she and Rafa were circulating? Hmmm. Well if things don't work out with Fern she can just hang out with Rafa on his native island...not sure how much Xisca would enjoy that! :)

  2. Beautiful house! Loving the Buddha stature. So she will leave Fed-town and move to Rafa-Island then?
    Good choice, it's much sunnier there anyways lol

  3. Ideal place for the orgies with Fernando (and friends).

  4. Wow, but I kinda doubt she will go for something so big for couple of days of vacation, maybe she plans to sell it for 7 mill some day?Anyhow, it's ridicilous how many do you need after having money, who need such big houses?If I had 5 million, and not regarding wheter I earned it or was given to as heritage i'd give away 3 mill, I would want to have for me afcourse, but it's ridicilous , while there's so much poverty in world(and any of us could have been born as an hungry child in Africa, the mistery of life, and unfairness),people are don't see that they could have been n the same situation,and I would get enourmous satisfaction in helping person who isn't lucky as I am, if I was a millionare.Reading yesterday Bernie Eccleston has sitting in his bank account 2 billion dollars!!I mean people!I truly hope for him to be in next life little black hungry baby watching some dudes over there having money sitting on their bank account!Smart people, smart!And highly conscious!!

  5. Annon- Definitely something to meditate .

  6. Oooh look at all the greeneries - rumble in the jungle!!

    I am expecting pics of them having some sexytime, anytime. It's too delicious.

  7. anon 4:47 - i don't think there's anything wrong with having money and buying big property as long as you're also giving back when and where you can. and ana does do charity work and works with unicef and there may be other philanthropy she may be doing that we don't know about.

    it's not the's the people and what they choose (or not choose) to go with it.

    babz: she better hope there's a high fence to keep the camera-toting stalkeratti (and you) out!

  8. Whaaaa? Stalker? Moi??

    *slips long lensed camera behind back*

  9. @rICK :I just couldn't do it.Becauseiamgine being in a situation that you're sick, or poor, or don't have anything to eat, just because life threw you in that jaws, not because you deserved it,imagine person in that position is full of so much sorrow,living like a prisoner, mentally and physicly, each day, and why? because of the way things are "functioning" on this planet, we're literally thrown, not choosing our opportunities from the early ages...and knowing some child , if it was just one, and there are MILLION, are literally starving, with ants and flyes running on them, and I am buying house for 5 mill, I would literally throw up.Could not do it.Just could not.But give away, imagine to go and feed and save this poor bone-to-bone little innocente baby(every day babies in Africa are dying from starvation, repeat that to yourslef BABY-starvation), like OMG, and yeah people, we really need Oscar parties too, that is SO important for the human kind, and improvement of all of us!Talk about stupid people.I'm telling you there better be next life.This has little to do with Ana who is great person, but none of them give away not even some decent amount of they money.

  10. i'm loving the house. i think it was reported this july (when ana was on vacation in mallorca with her family) in several spanish magazines that ana was already scouting for a house then. and rafa was even reported to be helping her out look for houses.

    and yeah, ana has been doing a lot of charity work for the past few years. in some of her diary entries that also came out in major newspapers (the age, the guardian, USA today, etc), you would notice that it would say that proceeds will also go to the UNICEF. most (if not all) of her charity work are directed towards serbia which shows how much she wants to give back to her country.

  11. Directly none of them are helping the worst cases, as hungry children, but who would have time for that, it's a tough job.I mean, they give such small portions of their money, that it's not all that worthy, they give like a $100,000, yet having millions.But just the sick world we live in.There's not enough money to pay doctors big time, or normal workers, but there is a lot money for Hollywood crapters I mean actors, and rap clowns I mean singers.Great.WONDERFUL.Who needs 7 100m2 bedrooms, and you're using 2of them?Today on cribs 50 cents shows his property, and it goes like this, here's the kitchen, but we never use it, (!!great, let the money sit and the castle is so worthy just for showing, we all just have time), here's the bed that costed $300,000 , but I never sleep here, always on the road, here's my pool, but I hardly use great, great,, smart, wonderful people.Conscious is hell of a tough to have this days.

  12. You know what's interesting about all the "celebs" who make money and buy these big properties (and I'm not saying this is the case with Ana - just generally speaking) but they buy these things with cash and don't realize (or aren't advised correctly) that they end up owning them outright. This means they're considered assets (not liabilities) and get taxed out the ass for owning them outright.

    So of course, over time they don't have the cash anymore to cover the taxes since they spent it all right away and don't pay the taxes. Then they end up broke and either on the run or in jail. At least that's what happens a lot here.

    You could go down the list of celebs who've been brought down by tax evasion from being broke-ass.

    I'm not a tax lawyer but it seems like an awful, short-term life strategy to me!!!!

    It's never what it seems!!!

  13. It's just my gut feeling, but I have a feeling that this is all heading for a disaster...

  14. Very peaceful, relaxing looking house.


  15. The decadence around Hollywood or other celebs really is totally crazy. They sure could donate more money. Unfortunately a lot of those people get greedier the more money they make.

    But I wouldn't necessarily say that's the case with Ana or any other baller. In contrary to Hollywood stars they had to work really hard to get where they are, so I'd say most of them appreciate it and want to give back.

  16. Vicki Fouri

    "It's just my gut feeling, but I have a feeling that this is all heading for a disaster..."

    I have a similar feeling. I hope I am wrong.


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