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Monday, November 10, 2008

+ MONDAY NETCORDS: Murray making moves...Flink on Doha....Davis Cup format still sucks

(Andy Murray + Andy Roddick, Shanghai)


Andy on the upswing [Deuce]
Masters Cup missing its mojo? [ESPN]
Flink wraps up Doha [Tennis Channel]


Davis Cup needs an enema [Richard's Court]

(image via Getty)


  1. If the mojo is Rafa, then yeah: the MC is missing some!

    BTW, Fed's comment on missing Rafa was hilarious: "We're not dating."
    I just imagined if they were... no shakehands at the net, instead a smack on the lips - Fed next to Uncle Toni in Rafa's box all blushing during the fistpumping - Rafa in Fed's box going all Mirka, stuffing M&M's into his mouth - Fed and Rafa having some splashy beach fun in Mallorca... LMAO!!!

  2. I forgot to mention: I MISS RAFA!!!

  3. I miss Le Rafalet too. :(

    And why does AR look like some big, beer guzzling frat boy in that t-shirt?
    He looks like a t-shirted Good Year Blimp.

  4. we'll havet to get you both a life sized blow up doll of rafa to keep you company until next year. how does that sound?

    as for a-rod, he wears all his clothes way too big. he's a big guys but his clothes are bigger in a bad way.

    i don't know how he manages to make lacoste look bad.

  5. Blimp.... LMAO.

    Where can I order blow-up Rafa???

  6. 'Fed's comment on missing Rafa was hilarious: "We're not dating."'

    Federer is dating Wawrinka that's why he said this.

  7. LOL tennis observer!

    Glad Andy's wearing his white shirt again,prefer it to his black stripey one!!

  8. I wonder if Any feels like the fattest one in the locker room? Think he dresses quickly so no one will get a good look? Not that they'd want to...
    Rafa, on the other hand...
    ...Oh, Rich...why'd you talk me down from the roof yesterday? I must have me some Rafa soon or I'll spontaneously combust.

  9. Oh, and put me down for one of those blow...I mean, blow-up dolls.

  10. Natch,sorry but Andy's got a great body & give me him over Rafa any day!

  11. No prob marys, there are already enough Rafanatics around anyway, it's getting crowded... ;-))

    Um, is it me or did I just read something about blow job Rafa?

    Man, I think I'm losing my mind. o_O


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