Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa vs Iker Pt. Deux, battle malaria in shorty-shorts

Sunday, November 30, 2008

MEDIA MASHUP: Rafa vs Iker Pt. Deux, battle malaria in shorty-shorts

After the success of last year's event, Rafael Nadal and Real Madrid goalie Iker Casillas have joined up with the Red Cross for the second annual "Friends of Iker vs. Friends of Rafa" event to help battle the global issue of malaria.

The sexy Spanish superstars met up for an event presser at Real Cafe Bernabeau. Here's hoping us lucky fans get more moments like this...oy.

Also, here's video from the press conference and a promo for this year's event which features footage from last year's football match.

Special note to Rafanatics: check out your boy in the oh-so-coveted shorty-shorts. His thighs are to die.

Check it

(image courtesy of Getty via zimbio video via ATP Tennis Blog)


  1. AHHHH more Rafa news!! I freaking love it! This off-season is blowing by, thanks Rich!!

    BTW, found this Rafa video after watching the shorty-shorts vid (dang). It's from that Tennis Channel fashion special. He's just too adorable.

  2. Iker Casillas is a handsome man (what's with these Spaniards?), but Rafa is a magnet. With him in a photo, in a room, your eyes just turn to him. Shy, sweet and hunky, an irresistible combo.

    But, did you see how GOOD he is at playing soccer??!!!

  3. *babz dies from too much hotness in the pictures*

    *casillas and nadal are babz' 2 favorite sportsmen, pls understand*

  4. johanne: thanks for the link. i'm trying to get my hands on the full segment but can't seem to find it on youtube. any guesses?

    anon + babz: he's got great moves, it's all about the legs. RIP babz, R...I...P...

  5. Rich: I'm not really finding anything else either. Below is a sort of lame clip, but maybe part of the same show?

    I think the show was called Open Access: Fashion Sense. Funny how just Rafa's clip gets to YouTube STAT :)

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Rafa...
    *checks other poster's replies*
    Umm...was there anybody else in the video?

  7. "it's all about the legs"

    Why do you think I watch tennis in the 1st place???? Football players do come a close second..

  8. Rafa news! Hooray!! And I loooove his outfit again. BTW, in the second picture he looks like he's doing some Star Wars moves with that huuuuge racket. LOL

  9. I be he's got a huge racket. No!! Stop me!!

  10. same page, Babz....we're on the same damn page ....

  11. Ummm...that wasn't Rafa???
    First some other dude, now some other racket...all I saw was Rafa and his large stick...;)

  12. Also gotta love that pic where he's holding up the giant ball (pun intended, haha).

    I was thinking I could so pull down those jeans and check out the racket... o_O

  13. Okay Rich, there's 4 rafanatics reading your blog regularly.


  14. babz: more...More...MORE!!! How about all the Rafanatics who read this blog come out of the baller closet??? Show yourselves!


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