Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Will IMG shut down Tennis Week magazine?

Monday, November 17, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Will IMG shut down Tennis Week magazine?

Is Tennis Week magazine down in the dumps?

According to, publisher Randy Master has left the pub to return to Tennis Channel and IMG, who bought Tennis Week two years ago, is considering its viability.

Full disclosure: I've only seen one hard copy of Tennis Week and it was pretty awful. The articles weren't interesting or in-depth, the images were either out-dated or stock photography, and the paper quality was low. In these tough economic times, media of all kinds are struggling for ad dollars and subscribers which is causing many to shutter their print editions. Frankly, I'm surprised Tennis Week mag is still around.

I think they'd be better off shutting down the print edition only and focusing completely on the web where they can be more current with news and give a broader perspective on the sport.

Besides, what would we do without Carrie Milbank's perky tennis roundups? Perish the thought.



  1. Well, if they always do a feature on Ana I wouldn't mind spending a few of my hard-earned money on their magazine. :p

  2. Is it so impossible to get one decent tennis magazine?! There are seven hundred fantasy football ones. You would think they could get one tennis one right.

  3. b2012: that's so true - i'm not sure why. i'm thinking the writers/editors don't have the access to the ballers like in other sports.

    everything in this sport is so fractured.


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