Google Down the Line!: Distraught Rafa still injured, will miss Davis Cup final with tendinitis

Monday, November 10, 2008

Distraught Rafa still injured, will miss Davis Cup final with tendinitis

Rafael Nadal confirmed he will not be participating in the Davis Cup final versus Argentina due to the tendinitis that forced him out of the Paris Masters and this week's Masters Cup.

A disappointed Rafa told the press in Barcelona:

After a very long and positive year, it is terrible for me not to be able to participate at two of the events that were part of my goals of the year, Shanghai and the Davis Cup final.

These are tough moments, but I have done everything possible to be fit for the final. It was something I really wanted. I am used to pain, I am used to playing with pain but this time is different, I can't control it.

It's truly unfortunate the top baller's fairy tale season had to end on such a terrible note. Rafa's had issues with his knees in the past and always tapes them for preventative measure, but to miss these major tourneys because of the injury is a very worrying sign.

It's too early to say whether this specific injury will affect him over the long term but his intense and overtly physical style of play won't help matters. Tough luck.

On the flip side, Argentina is positioned now to take their first Davis Cup championship with Rafa on Spain's sidelines - no problem.

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    And the sexiest Argentine of them all, Canas, has also been replaced. I'm climbing up to my roof to end it all.

  2. "Climb down from the roof Natch...I repeat, climb down from the roof!"

  3. Natch, save me some space beside you on the roof. Bye all.


    Poor poor Rafa bunny, he doesn't deserve that kind of season ending.... Awww, he looks so sad and disappointed... and yet he's so brave: "I'm used to pain." AAAWWWWW poor little thing... He would've so won the Davis Cup for Spain...

    Seriously, I'm out of control here. Where's that roof again?!


  5. As a Argentina fan, I have to say that I'm happy to hear this as everyone knows this season, Rafa has been playing like from another planet.

    But what waste, as I felt his presence will only lift the Davis Cup final to whole new level. A big lost for the final.

    I'm sure many people in Argentina are going to feel sad for not being able to see him in action.

    As for the neutral, they might have been looking forward to see him going head to head with Del Potro.

    But nothing is lost yet, Spain are still as tough as hell and Argentina must play their best game against them. It will be a real cracker to watch.

    Care to share with us about this? I'm sure we would love to hear your thoughs about the final minus Rafa.

  6. This blows. No Rafa matches till 2009. Ugh.

    These next few months are going to crawl...


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