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Monday, November 3, 2008

BREAKING: Rafa to skip Masters Cup, will focus on Davis Cup final

After withdrawing from his quarterfinal match against Nikolay Davydenko in Paris with a knee injury, Rafael Nadal has confirmed via his website that he will NOT be traveling to Shanghai for the Masters Cup due to fatigue:

Dear fans and media reps,

It has been a long and difficult year where I managed to obtain great results, both on a professional and on a personal level. I have mentioned on various occasions that the tennis calendar has been extremely hard with practically all weeks playing and where it forces players to compete week in week out, making it impossible for a top level player to be 100% on each event.

On a personal level I had as one of my goals to become #1 during this year and competing at so many events might have harmed, specially at the end of the season, my physical condition, taking away the freshness needed to play at the top level of the game on these last events. I don´t know if this has been a mistake or not but the fact is that with the goal achieved I also have to take one of the most difficult and painful decisions.

I have decided not to compete on the Masters Cup in Shanghai. As I say this is one of the most difficult decisions in my career due to the importance of the event and above all, due to the fact of not making possible my will to be with the fans in China and the tournament organizers that always treated me in such special way.

I am deeply sadden and disappointed for my fans around the world that expected to see me in Shanghai fighting in every match. I do expect to be there again in October 09 for the ATP Masters 1000 event in Shanghai.

I know that many people where speculating with this news and even though I have yet not done any test, I can say I take the right decision. I want to recover and be ready for the important Davis Cup final with my country that will be played in Mar del Plata, Argentina. That is also another reason for not coming to Shanghai.

Many thanks to all for your support and understanding.

(Inside Rafa's sweaty, headband-wearing head: "Hmmm. Masters Cup title or Davis Cup champions? Davis Cup or Masters Cup?? Both. No! Neither. No!! Masters Cup. No!!! Davis Cup. ¡Sí!)

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  1. As sad as I am that I will not be able to watch Rafa get hot and sweaty playing the Masters Cup, I am glad he's taking a little break and focusing on Davis Cup instead. I really hope he can end the year with a BANG and help his team pull a victory over Argentina.


  2. *rip*
    *splat, splat*

    That was my heart tearing in two pieces and hitting the floor. No Rafa til Davis Cup...I may require serious therapy.

    *sets out collection jar for Rafa-withdrawl sessions*

  3. natch: it's hard i know...if he's spotted anywhere else in the meantime i'll be sure to let you know. oh, and *ching, ching* - just threw some change into your collection jar. now go get yourself some therapy!

  4. noooooh!!! well, on the plus side.. will be more productive on the week of shanghai (though not completely, since i cannot withdraw from tennis completely). on the minus side...dilemma on who to root for...nalby, who put all his eggs in the davis cup basket, or rafa, who gave up his chance for the masters cup for the davis cup...hmmmmm
    sorry for hijacking your blog today, rich. feeling rather chatty.

  5. nessa: as if i'd ever want to stop readers from voicing their opinions - comment your arse off!

  6. It's disappointing to see because this tournament means a lot to him and he's earned to go into it as number one. The more disturbing thing is that he's too hurt to play. And all i really wish for him is to be healthy. So the decision is right, it's just too bad. I hope he heals for DC and kicks some ass...then takes a decent vacation.

  7. I will be suffering from major Rafa-withdrawal as well... though I'm sure this is a very wise decision by our beloved Spaniard.

    But still, damn.

  8. If anyone deserves a break, it's certainly Rafa. It'll be sad not to see him in Shanghai -- but, on the brighter side, I get to sleep in! Bless you Rafa and see ya in Argentina ready to bust some heads in your silent but deadly way!

  9. Ok, how disappointed I am by the news, your comment underneath it about Rafa's thoughts made me smile a little..
    I think it's a wise decision of Rafa. Besides it's better for me he doesn't play since I have exams in the week of the Shanghai Masters. I will still have to watch the matches of Tsonga, but that will take less time (I'm sorry, is that an English word? XD) than watching both.
    I really hope Rafa gets well soon and that they win the Davis Cup final. Vamos Spain!

  10. Oh ignore my comment about if it's an english word. I first made another sentence which wasn't correct so I put that in, but then I came up with a better sentence, but forgot to remove the comment between brackets. So nevermind ;)

  11. duly noted kiko! but don't you wish the ballers would always schedule their matches around OUR scheds? it's the least they could do for the fans...geez.

  12. I'm not particularly a fan of Nadal's, but I really wanted to see him play the Masters Cup as the new n° 1. But I think he made the right decision. Who's taking his place? I hope it's Simon and not Nalbandian, who always seems to do well in a couple of tournaments in the fall and then get in the YEC because of some player's withdrawal.

  13. anon 11:21 - You get your's Gilles!

  14. Oh Rafa, I too am deeply saddened. I was sooooo looking forward to drooling all over you and rooting for you during the MC!!! :-(

    But I understand that Rafa's health is of utmost importance and the Davis Cup means a lot to him.
    Plus, if he had forced himself to play the MC, he maybe would've made his injury even worse and would've need to retire anyway, and then maybe even his DC attendance would be in danger.

    So it really is the right decision, although it breaks my heart so much. Especially because it's this year, this special year where he got no. 1 and was the first to qualify and SO would deserve to add this title to his results.

    But hey, so he will win the DC title for Spain, hehe! ;-))

  15. BTW the Rich I love your look into Rafa's head... more please!!

  16. There's a "the" too much... LOL

  17. (Inside Rafa's sweaty, headband-wearing head: "Hmmm. Masters Cup title or Davis Cup champions? Davis Cup or Masters Cup?? Both. No! Neither. No!! Masters Cup. No!!! Davis Cup. ¡Sí!)


    Oh god I just scared my dogs.

    You know what? I'm fine with him withdrawing. I prefer him to be all fresh by next season. :) Now! Fed or Murray ftw! Oh, Potro is fine too.


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