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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Top ballers reminisce about Rafa

Here's an interesting, albeit short, video featuring Roger Federer, Ivan Ljubicic, Carlos Moya, Andy Murray and James Blake all speaking about year-end world no. 1 Rafael Nadal.

It's interesting to hear Roger + Ivan discuss the first time they started hearing about the Spanish steamroller and their first battles with Rafa. They always knew he had a special quality and they couldn't have been more right.

Check it:


  1. 8 minutes devoted to one subject. Unheard of in the US.
    What struck me was how much more like a man Rafa looks now. Part of his appeal is that boy-face on that statue body. *faints*
    Federer sounded a wee bit jealous in the last clip of him. The first clip he had awe in his voice, as did everyone else.
    Finally, Moya and Rafa in the same clip...priceless. *faints twice*

  2. I could say it every single day, but I'm so so so proud of him.

  3. if only James Blake would stop worshiping Federer, maybe he can turn his career around.geez, u'd think he owes the guy something.ok i understand Federer is undeniably one of the game's greats but good lord if Blake would stop worshiping him just for a while and get his game together.
    whoaaa! i know this have nothing to do with the post but i needed to get that off my chest..
    now where were we?

  4. rafafan: there is that fine line which i think rafa played very well. he was able to give fed his due and not step on toes while at the same time building his game up to surpass him.

    blake, well, he lacks the talent of rafa so he would be better off being a little tougher about his own game and not deferring too much. force of personality can give a baller that edge on court and blake seems to be missing that one too.

  5. Again, that's proof that Rafa is really special. I know that sounds cheesy but I feel honoured to have been able to follow his rise to the top in the last years. I love it when I can say: "I knew it!"

    And natch, you're absolutely right, he looks so much more masculine now. The boyish Rafa some years ago looked really different. -i think he gets yummier by the year.


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