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Thursday, October 2, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: NBC's Harry Cicma fluffs way through tennis talk - sign me up!

Harry Cicma reports on tennis for NBC Sports, an institution in the world of athletics as far back as I can remember.

So you'd think the sportscaster would have great access to ballers and insidery information for hungry fans, right? Well, let's see!

Here's his rundown on the current issues surrounding Ana Ivanovic this season. Check it:

Huh? Where's the beef Harry?? Maybe it was the topic. Let's try his take on Andy Roddick's season so far:

Harry, c'mon! There wasn't a single interesting, insightful comment in either video (the part after the long commercial I was forced to watch I mean.) I could've done that "fluff piece" from my make-shirt desk using my web cam at the dining room table.

Geez - someone sign me up for one of those cushy, NBC Sports news "jobs" please...

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  1. Ugh. Anytime I see tennis being reported on a mainstream broadcast I switch it off. Anything they say sounds like a 3rd grade book report: toss out the important names, state the basic plot lines, and finish up with a summary sentence. It is actually insulting considering the amount of shows dedicated to every other sport. But I guess they think we should just be thankful for the shout-out.

  2. erin: you really hit on something here - it's like tennis fans should be happy the sport's being mentioned at all these days so let's just throw 'em some scraps.

    it is insulting. but i can't say that they're completely to blame here either. i think the sport has to figure out whether it wants to be more "mainstreamed" or continue to sleep in the niche it's been in.

  3. My initial reaction: yeah, tell us something we don't know. Why are there no insights?

  4. leia: I know, I was sitting here watching it waiting for him to give some, at the very least, interesting insight from his perspective. I'd love to get some insider stuff but a great discussion about the ballers, current tourneys, etc. do just fine as well. NOTHING.

    I should try applying for a full-time gig there - I can phone it in too!

  5. I personally really enjoy Harry and his tennis reports....his blog has one on one interviews with legends that you dont get other places....the reason I prefer Harry is that he actually played tennis as a decent it's cooler to get tennis news from him opposed to some sports center anchor wanna be....Keep on rocking!

  6. Hey...I was on Harry's Blog...he gives written insite before the videos...gotta check that out....good man....I'll tell you what..Mary Carillo is the worst...and Brad Gilbert...I'd take #1 McEnroes....#2 Courier...#3 Cicma...#4 Fernandez...those are my way Carillo.

  7. bill: Yeah - Mary gets in her own way when she does commentary I agree and Brad, well, how did he get that gig when he can't even smoothly articulate his thoughts to the audience? And he makes up words - WTF?

    I admit I don't know much about Harry yet...I was just commenting on these two particular videos...and you have to admit they were pretty empty.

    I'm following him more closely now.


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