Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Marat + Nastya get all huggy and kissy at movie screening

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Marat + Nastya get all huggy and kissy at movie screening

Here's some footage of Marat Safin and his latest love, Russian pop singer and fashion flabbergaster Nastya Osipova.

It looks like the pair are attending a movie screening and shows the couple getting all huggy and kissy and stuff.

Fine - she's not as horrid as she looked in those pictures but she's moving in on Pamela Anderson/porn star territory with the bleached white blonde hair. I guess it all makes sense now.


(via Tennis Served Fresh)


  1. OMG! Seeing this video and the infamous choking pictures, it looks like he's dating two completely different people.l

  2. This cheap hooker alike perfectly fits into Safin's methodical mental self-destruction since the 2000 USO win.

  3. In the video, Marat looks like he's searching very hard to find the closest exit to get away from her.

  4. I'll just put it this way:
    I hope she has a nice personality.

  5. I'm guessing she must have some "skills" which compensate for her looks. Marat is definitely not picky!

  6. Well if he's not picky... and his standards is only yea high... PICK MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  7. You know we're all just jealous! Sigh. . . .

  8. babz: LOL! I'll send him your message

    ff: I am absolutely jealous, yes.

  9. what does he say in this video??
    and Marat wHY?
    I mean why any other girl,why not me.:) jus joking!!


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