Google Down the Line!: + THURSDAY NETCORDS: A-Rod's in...Kantarian's out...Murray's a man

Thursday, October 30, 2008

+ THURSDAY NETCORDS: A-Rod's in...Kantarian's out...Murray's a man

(Rafael Nadal, Paris)


A-Rod books trip to Shanghai [ATP]
More love for JJ [ESPN]
Kantarian calls it quits [SI]


Oh Canada! [Tennis Talk, Anyone?]
Not a boy, not yet a man? [Top Spin Tennis Blog]
Wishful thinking Maria K [WTA Tennis Blog]

(image via HC Foo via MTF)


  1. it's dreamy in more ways than one...*sigh*

  2. mmmhmm...

    Do you know by chance if ESPN2 or VS is covering any of Shanghai? All I see for DOHA is the Sunday final. Just wondering if you knew the skinny.

  3. Great Andy's qualified for Shanghai,6 straight years too.

    Andy's playing some impressive stuff,hope he can win Tsonga,should be a good match.

  4. I really miss Tatiana golovin
    she takes her break now and inhales inhales inhales :)
    rebel yeah!!!

  5. b2012: i'm checking on the schedule for the Masters Cup, nothing yet but they did show some last year i believe

    anon 8:10 - i don't think the smoking is going to help her game. call me crazy!

  6. Eww, anon in the first picture Tatiana looks like Courtney Love or atleast someone way older than her. I agree Rich, there's no way in hell this is going to help her game especially in those long rallies.


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