Google Down the Line!: Tati, Dani, + Paul-Henri all want the same thing - who will win out?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tati, Dani, + Paul-Henri all want the same thing - who will win out?

Tatiana Golovin, Daniela Hantuchova, and Paul-Henri Mathieu are all vying for the same thing and only one of them can have it.

The three ballers are all interested in having Loic Couteau, who parted with Amelie Mauresmo last week after more than six years and two majors, as coach.

Loic told French sports paper L'Equipe he's temporarily working with Tati who resumed training this week after dealing with injuries most of this season. He also mentioned Dani contacted him recently about a possible coaching opportunity.

After his loss to Dmitry Tursunov in Metz, Paul-Henri told the press,

An experience with Loic Courteau could be interesting. It has to be seen whether we want similar things. Stay tuned.
No worries Paul-Henri...we will be. But in the meantime, my choice would be Tati: younger (20 y.o. versus Dani 25 and Paul-Henri 26), more long-term prospect, and probably not so set in her ways or game. And like Amelie, Loic could also help her keep these niggling injuries at bay and give her the consistency she's sorely lacking.

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  1. Ohhh so intriguing. I think it's interesting that Dani is trying to get into this French Connection. Should be fun to see how it plays out. Actually, considering Amelie's mental frailty and Dani's, this is probably a pretty strategic move on her part.

    But, it would really surprise me if Courteau didn't make things official with Tati. She needs to get back on top of her game and this seems like perfect timing, coincidence? I think not....

    Paul Henri on the otherhand, like he says, I would love to see if they could both be on the same page.

    Can't wait to see how it plays out. :)

  2. LOL French Connection - me like! It's nice to be in demand huh? Loic did wonders for Amelie and he could do the same for any of these talented, but fragile, ballers.

    As I mentioned, Tati would be a more long-term prospect at only 20 years old (Dani's 25, Paul-Henri 26.) She's probably not as set in her ways, or game, as the other two. He was with Amelie for six years so I would guess he's looking to be with someone for the long haul. Plus she's French and between the two Frenchies, she's the better choice.

    Another important aspect: Amelie was so prone to injuries (many times mental of course) but they seemed to subside once she hooked up with Loic. He could do the same for Tati and get her some consistency in her season.

  3. Rich, I agree that Tati is probably the best of the three to coach. I can't believe Gasquet doesn't have him on speed dial.
    I was sad to see him split with Amelie, but life goes on.


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