Google Down the Line!: Super Mario suffers another setback, withdraws from Stockholm with illness

Friday, October 10, 2008

Super Mario suffers another setback, withdraws from Stockholm with illness

Thanks to an anonymous DtL reader and april for tipping me off to this truly unfortunate news concerning Mario Ancic.

The Croat, who showed us all how excited he was to be back in action in Stockholm this week, has withdrawn from the tourney with acute bronchitis with fever.

What the hell is going on with his health? This is a pretty serious issue for him, obviously, and very frustrating for the Croat. Super Mario needs to get to the bottom of these health problems because we're not just talking about a common cold or the flu even, but mono and now acute bronchitis.

Be well Mario...

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  1. That's pretty rough to see, particularly after reading the story you linked to in yesterday's Netcords. In that, it seemed like he was resigned to the fact he was going to be especially vulnerable to getting sick, but was willing to do the work to bounce back. I wish him the best of luck.

  2. I suppose all he can do is stay positive and when he recovers get to the bottom of these troubling illnesses.

    Like I mentioned, it's not just a cold or a bad flu. Plus, other ballers have had bouts of mono and recovered at least physically if not their games completely (Nikki V.) I'm no doctor but there seems to be some real, underlying issues going on here.

  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with him playing with, um, upright yellow balls for so long. I know I'm always out of breath when I do. ;)

    Get well, Mario.

  4. what would we do without your zingers natch? my day is complete!


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