Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Serena + Common hit the surf, ankle injury and all

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SIGHTING: Serena + Common hit the surf, ankle injury and all

Serena Williams and boyfriend Common were spotted in Hawaii hitting the surf together during her break from the WTA Tour.

Hmmm - didn't ReRe just pull out of Moscow with an ankle issue? Oh yes, here's her quote:

My left ankle has been bothering me since the U.S. Open and I need to take a break now to get it back to 100 percent.
So I guess the "injury" is 100% healed now? Good news - and good thing ReRe's not doing anything that could make it worse.

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  1. No need to give her a hard time for a little R&R.

  2. LOL her ginormous posterior pushes the surfboard under the water

  3. Oh Rich, has Maria Sharapova not taught us that "injury" means "don't want to play" or "I'd rather hang out with my delicious chocolate hunk of a man"

  4. Did you see the posts about Serena on 'The Superficial' blog?
    Funny commentary.


  5. Anon- I went to the link you post and I almost die laughing when read this one:

    "For some reason in Serena's town there's always a shortage of fried chicken and toilet paper".

  6. Ok..I take it back, I continue reading the link and got very racist. Very low grade comments and low class. What kind of people read those websites??

  7. Uvijek: i've gotten racist comments on my blog and i erase them and let them see that they've been removed. you know people can just write whatever they want because of the anonymity.

    it's unfortunate and not in the spirit of what DtL is about. but it still exists in the world and it's good to be aware.

  8. Thanks for sharing with me those thoughts, and its unbelievable the things people said there from middle down the post. Do you read it??
    As for me I always ignore people like that, but imagine all the people that are hidden behind the computer saying all those things, and then in the supermarket ( to give an example) act like are friends with the world...hipocrites!!

    In the lighter news..Rich the blog get better and better with your good mix of humor and good info.
    Keep it always like that..ITS GREAT!!

  9. Uvijek and Rich,
    Sorry about the link I posted, I usually just read the posts and so I was unaware that it contained any racist comments from the readers.
    Sorry If I offended anyone.

  10. K.M. No need to apologize, its not your fault, it was funny at the beginning, but then I was like "wait a minute here". Weird people in that website though.

    Best regards.

  11. "For some reason in Serena's town there's always a shortage of fried chicken and toilet paper"

    For me, that lone quote would have been a huge 'tip-off' about the rest of the post/website. It's not even funny. Fried chicken? Hello! Racist stereotype.

    And the Superficial Blog is precisely that - stupid, often racist and resorts to lowest common denominator.

    Anyway - guess retaining that number 1 ranking can wait, huh? Least she's having a good time and looks in shape...


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