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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SIGHTING: Rafisca arrive in Paris, stylishness in tow

Following Andy Roddick + Nikolay Davydenko's lead, an argyle-happy Rafael Nadal was spotted with girlfriend Xisca Perello arriving in The City of Lights for the Paris Masters this week.

I have to say Rafisca make a very fine looking couple. They're easily the most stylish couple in tennis right now - I'm loving all the browns, greys, and blacks in their outfits and the dueling scarves. Yummy.

Plus, they both have a relaxed elegance about themselves. Could it be they're actually comfortable in their own skins? Say it isn't so!

Later that evening, Rafisca changed outfits and headed out for an intimate dinner...

Thanks to DtL reader Maja for the tip!

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  1. ouch!! i m completely hopeless now in taking rafa away from xisca :))

  2. Xisca is just naturally elegant, womanly petite woman. Even so young, she has calm maturity about her. Great bone structure.

    Plenty of her pics from Asturias Awards - simply stunning in shoelace-straps severe little black dress and discreet makeup.

    Her street wear is smart and relaxed. Rafa is slowly learning, but he's getting there.

    They're lovely together.

  3. GOD - totally having a stalker moment here!!

    I love what Rafa wears. Nothing he wears makes me cringe really, and that says a lot about him.

    As for Xisca.. well.. wench, you've got Rafa already now hand me those boots!!

    I love both of them. :)

  4. yeah they're totally cute together - and yes those boots are hot.

  5. Rafa is slowly but surely getting an off-court fashions sense. Sniffle....he is growing up.

    Thanks Xisca!

  6. my favourite couple ;)

    (oh hush hush you nadal groupies lol)

  7. Oh My..Xisca is gorgeous. They are the most beautiful couple in tennis.

    And how they remain so down to earth amazes me. boy do they have style too!

    (my chances of getting Rafa for myself have officially been thrown out the window..oh well..LOL)

  8. wow! xisca looks so much better and more stylish than she used to! they finally seem ok with being in the spotlight together ... remember all those pics at the beach when they were annoyed with the paparazzi??? they really do look comfortable together and she is a great support system to him :) it's nice to see genuine couples like this happy and in love, sniff sniff ;)

  9. Of course they're laid back and comfortable in their skins, Rich! That's a Mallorcan characteristic.

    I've never seen Xisca not looking elegant and stylish - she's a real class act and has a great taste in accessories. Some of you non Spaniards may only have seen her in beach wear...

    It's great that her mid-term university break has coincided with both the Prince of Asturias awards and the Paris-Bercy Masters and the young couple have been able to have some quality time together.

  10. OMG jealousy kills me right now. I have to admit they look great together, and they are both very stylish.
    What I adore about their relationship is that they've been together for years now, and she's just a normal girl, no friggin' Sports Illustrated model. I guess she has known and loved him before he got the hottest thing in tennis.

    Still - I have to say in stylishness I could easily keep up with her. But unfortunately I'm not as stunningly beautiful as her. LOL


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