Google Down the Line!: Robby hits Moscow party press line with hairiest of situations

Monday, October 6, 2008

Robby hits Moscow party press line with hairiest of situations

Robby Ginepri, who'll be facing a qualifier in the first round of Moscow, joined the rest of the ballers on the press line at the Moscow player party today.

O...M...G. This is one of the hairiest situations I've ever seen on the ATP Tour - it's pretty horrifying. The American is already wearing the dreaded "comb-over" usually reserved for men two to three times his age. Plus, it looks really dry + ragged and the color is some weird shade of orange - icks.

Robby - you're really young so you have time to stop what's happening to you. Take action now (and bring Alize Cornet with you)!

(image via Getty)


  1. Wow. There's just some things that shouldn't be viewed before coffee.

    supreme fugly alert!

  2. Holy God.

    Shave it. Srsly. Just do it!!!!

  3. I first noticed this during summer hard courts, when he would wear his baseball cap backwards and never take it off. When he did, it would only be for a brief second to wipe sweat, then it would be clamped down hard. But he gave us just enough time to notice there was some serious thinning going on. It's too advanced to start treatment now.
    Really, Robby, it's time to shave that puppy down. There is nothing wrong with being bald. The only shame is clinging to scraps.

  4. You guys seriously it's so bad. He would look so much better with a shaved head - I'm totally with you on that one natch.

    Bald is beautiful Robby - learn it!

  5. Looks like Donald Trump's hairdresser works for other high profile clients as well.

  6. Words cannot describe my horror and disappointment. Really this is proof that some men do look better with a hat on. Seriously, wear a skull cap or something at least.

  7. OMG he looks twenty years older!!! thank god for his body and BTW I think his natural hair color is red...

  8. EEEWWWWW that guy needs to wash his hair. If that's his styled-up party look, I really don't wanna see the out of bed style...


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