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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quote of the Day: Rafa on his physical fitness

I am a little bit at the limit, I am a bit short of strength.

- Rafael Nadal on his waning reserves

No kidding. And you still have to finish out Paris, the Masters Cup in Shanghai, and the Davis Cup final in Argentina.


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  1. I get exhausted just thinking about him still playing (and reaching semis!). If he was chinese, I'd guess that his uncle is feeding him some tiger meat or something.

    Holy sculpted biceps, Batman!

  2. babz: more on the tiger tell!

  3. Hehe. Nothing to tell babe. Just that the chinese has a lot of beliefs.. some are superstitious.. about eating or doing all kinds of things that can make you, erm, better in ways that you want to be better. Or it can just be a delicacy.

    I know some of my friends have tried tiger's meat, down to the testicles.. I have never had tiger meat (I don't think I ever will, because I've grown up and more aware and can say no to family pressure) but growing up I've eaten monkeys, shark fin soup, wallet's nests which are made from the bird's saliva.. snakes, all kinds of reptiles really. Yes, I know now some of what I've eaten are protected, but I didn't know that when I was like 7 or 12.

    Living in Indonesia, there's also all kinds of delicacies.. Tongues, brains, yes testicles.. etc etc. It's just like the Spanish eating bull testes really.

    I swear I'm a totally modern woman now! Politically correct, aware and everything! :D Don't call me a barbarian!

  4. wow - i'm still digesting everything...hehehe

  5. Nowadays tiger meat is called EPO/hGH/IGF.

  6. Then why on earth is he still playing doubles? And winning at that!!

  7. Whoa, he and Juan Monaco just beat #3 in doubles Bhupathi/Knowles 6-4 6-2. Huge surprise in my book! I hope this gives him confidence. Seems like the court's pretty good for Rafa's game.

  8. chichi + anon: it is strange that he's playing doubles when he's at his limit physically. good question indeed.

  9. Explanation right from the horse's mouth: in his postmatch interview for the Spanish TV Rafa said he is playing dubs due to the lack of training time, because there are only 2 training courts in Bercy.

    Check out those training vids and photos - 4 players per court.

  10. anon: thanks for the info on that one!

  11. Rafa always does this. I am so tired. I have nothing left to go on. I do not know how I can finish this match. I do not know how I win no. The time for being disingenuous is over. You are the NO.1 player in the world. This is what it takes to become No. 1 and stay No. 1. During Roger's reign you never heard him complaining like this. I have so had enough of this.

  12. anon: tell us more! seriously, he must be tired after the year he's had and the game he plays. BUT - i do think ballers say things like this sometimes to take pressure off of themselves (i've said i was tired so if i lose early there's a reason).

    as i wrote, he still has some major tourneys to compete in so i think it's probably a combo platter.

  13. "During Roger's reign" Mr Federer gradually devolved into a Karlovic/Roddick lookalike he is today - he increasingly depends on his serve. Of course he cannot get tired, he's mainly standing there.

    Those who defeated him only had to make him run.

  14. Roger's reign. LMAO. I don't know if it has occured to you, anon 2:46, but he's not a king. Geez.

    Also, I cannot say for sure that Roger NEVER said he was tired at any stage. You know, tennis players, even No.1's, are only human as well.
    And I think Rafa has every right to be tired once in a while, especially after this phenomenal season. Plus, it's not like he's whined around "Ooooh, I can't play anymore...." He simply stated he's "a little bit tired".

    But then, apparently so are you, right?

  15. anon 2:46

    You've never heard Roger talking about how he's tired? PLEASE. So what was that whole "I'm taking some time off, I hope to be back by the end of the year or by 2009, but I'm not sure." And the "50/50 chance" he'd play in Paris.

    I'll tell you what I'm tired of - crazy Fed fans who think their guy is perfect. Get over yourself. Rafa says he's a little tired. So sue him. Successful season = more matches played = fatigue. All the players talk about the long season. I'm not buying your complaint about Rafa. Nice try though.

  16. for the LOVE of God. does no one see the true sportsmanship Federer possesses as opposed to Rafa's wedgie-digging, time-violating game? And yes, Roger's WAS a 'reign.' and one better than Nadal could even DREAM of, too.

  17. Wow, anon 4:03, what a factual way of commenting. It's really funny how some Federer fans always go on about his class and sportsmanship while they themselves keep argumenting at soccer stadium level going all "Roger's the king, Rafa sucks!". Really reasonable.

    Rafa is not any less of a sportsman than Roger is, and that is fact.

    Of course Roger was an incredible, history-making No. 1 and still is and will be an incredible player (here's the difference between us, I can admit that instead of insulting him).

    But Rafa is an incredible player as well, and there's still a great future ahead of him.

    There's no reign, there's no kings, it's just tennis, not a war. Oh my.


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