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Monday, October 13, 2008

Quote of the Day: Martina on Radek

You have a relationship and you are trying to get that going, and then Radek was injured and I tried to spend a lot of time with him and I put myself on the side. He had a hard time there and couldn't play and was going to doctors and then re-injured himself in Marseille and I was there with him.

I didn't spend enough time practicing because I felt that I won Tokyo and I felt — that's not going away! I beat all the top players again, got to No. 6 and although I never won the French Open, I was thinking, 'What more was out there for me?' From there, it was difficult to get back into it. I had all the mental confidence, but the hunger was more toward other things. Tennis wasn't the priority anymore. (Radek) became more important.

- Martina Hingis on her relationship with Radek Stepanek

Ok people I've been dying to ask this question: What the fuck does "The Worm" have going on that he can get these lady ballers (like you, Nicole) to shelve their careers to attend to his needs? Should we be calling him "The Anaconda"??

Obviously Marty's game was in already in decline but her relationship with The Worm didn't help her situation and became a distraction, according to her description.

Will someone please, please tell me what is so special about this guy.


Very Confused Tennis Blogger


  1. He must be the smoothest-talking dude in the history of smooth-talking dudes. I mean, his game must be on some astronomical level.

    Unless he is the "anaconda!"

  2. Thank you Rich - you've spoken my mind. What on earth is it with this guy? I mean, of course it's not all about the looks, but he is not only what I'd consider not attractive, he always looks so sleazy. And he only has one large eyebrow. Also, very weird on-court attitude. I just don't see what all the other ladies see in him, I'm sorry.

    I dunno, maybe Martina's head was all fogged by the coke... LOL

  3. van + sonja: LOL!!!! I love it - but I need to know. My curiosity is getting the better of me here.

    From what I've heard or read somewhere (I can't recall) but I believe they said he's really funny. Now if that's true, I could see it. He distracts them with jokes and slips an engagement ring on their finger and...VOILA...instant, inseparable, co-dependent relationship!!!

    Now there's magic for you.

  4. I don't even want to think about what's wowing them, as I just had my dinner...

  5. it is the anaconda - either that or he has told them that he can teach them how to mix up their games and serve and volley - LOL

  6. He looks like the con artists my mom warns me about and based on the descriptions of his relationships he sounds like them too. I bet he's a moocher; after all he's only going after the top ballers not the 89th ranked players.
    Rich, funny or not to be that ugly you better have a huge penis!

  7. when is this quote from?

  8. Totally agree with what anon@7:02 just said. No amount of funny can make you ignore that heavyweight of ugly. My guess is voodoo. (lol)

  9. "when is the quote from?"

    - from an interview that ran this weekend on and

    Kakeru + anon 7:02 - he has some kind of spell over these women and you're right anon, they are the ones making some bank...well nicole was on her way...WAS.

  10. My mom always used to say that there was something beautiful about everyone, and in Radek's case I am going to go with big dick. If he does you from behind you don't need to look at his face.

  11. It must be nice to be able to get to Number 6 in the world when you don't even have the "hunger".

  12. Eeewwww Jason I didn't need to have THAT image on my mind.... ICK!

    But I agree, Rich, funny can be sexy. Still, Radek would have to be funny as hell, plus have a mega-charming personality, too.

    But I had another theory on why those ladies dig him: Maybe it's heritage. Radek is a Czech, Nicole is, and Martina was originally born in Slovakia. Could it be that they are looking for a piece of home during lonely tour life?
    I know it's out there. ;-)

  13. No shit... I've been asking the same damn thing for ages. WTF is up with that? I mean, he ain't great at the game, he ain't exactly stinking rich by their standards, and he is butt-fucking ugly, but that's just me.

    So, it must be the Anaconda... Sheesh...

  14. I guess he knows what women want.

  15. He is kind with them, as opposed to, say, Gimelstob, who is vulgar and condescending. They speak the same language and he can talk (and listen). He makes them laugh. And he's good in bed (not necessarily exceptionally endowed, but skillful and selfless).

    And that, my friends, is a winning combination.

  16. "And he's good in bed (not necessarily exceptionally endowed, but skillful and selfless)"

    - sounds like you know from experience!

    The Czech connection makes sense of course - but he's not the only Czech guy in the world, non-tennis wise.

  17. Well, don't know Mr Radek specifically, but yeah, I'm speaking from experience.

    That type of guy (charming, witty, ugly) tends to develop mad skillz in engaging convo and lovemaking.

    The way he refused to go into detail with the media over his split with Martina speaks of his decency.

    As for the Czech thing, non-tennis guys are harder to meet for these girls (who are fearful of fame-hunters). And Berdych might look hotter, but he's infinitely less interesting & experienced.

  18. Radek is hung like a horse, that's why he's popular.

  19. Just a shot in the dark... Mr. Anonymous, are you Radek? *LMAO*


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