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Monday, October 27, 2008

Quote of the Day: Agent Godsick on Fed

For him, it can’t all be serious. Off the court he is just a kid.

- Roger Federer's agent, Tony Godsick, on the Swiss' focus for 2009

What a strange way to think about Fed. Somehow I can't picture him pulling practical jokes, going to keggers, or playing Guitar Hero II with his buddies (though feeding the Basel ball kids pizza is an interesting start.)

But if he does any of the above and anyone has pictures, send 'em along. Proof is always in the puddin' people.

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  1. Hey Rich, I don't have any personal experience, of course, but I do remember reading in his ATP blog a couple of years back that he was playing practical jokes with wasabi! Here's the link:

  2. His practical jokes are wooden just like he is.

    A very poor state of affairs if your own agent has to sell you as someone who is "like a kid offcourt".

    When asked about his favourite pastime, Federer answered: "Washing my cars."

    Not exactly a kid. Or remotely interesting personality.

  3. Lol, I don't have keg pics of him, but I read that when Mirka and Rog first met at the Sydney Olympics ,he would sing BackStreet Boys songs during practice.
    If you watch the first couple seconds of this video of him in Paris last year. You can see his boxing routine.. hahhhh

  4. Actually, Fed really has a bit of a dorky side to him, which he shows sometimes, altough (unfortunately) very rarely.

    Two interviews which fell into the „let’s chuckle yourself to death because the interviewer is soooo stupid” category:

    And it’s common knowlegde that he is an avid videogame player: (from 4 minutes onwards)

    So, these are the proof I could dig out to support the theory that he can be goofy and funny if he wants to :)

  5. I'm pretty certain that 'washing my cars' was a joke, anon. It sounds exactly like the kind of piss-taking thing he'd say.

    It puts me in mind of something he said recently about Rafa: "No, he's still treating me with respect, I don't feel he's looking down on me in any way. I'm the president of the players' council, so in fact I'm looking down on him, he has to report to me…no, I'm just kidding."


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