Google Down the Line!: Poker reminds Boris of tennis, may be losing his marbles shortly

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poker reminds Boris of tennis, may be losing his marbles shortly

Old age may have finally caught up to Boris Becker.

The recently engaged 6-time Grand Slammer is one of the star attractions on the team so the UK's trash rag The Mirror decided to sit down with the tennis legend for a video interview as the European Poker Tour got underway today.

As if reading mental cue cards, a serious and somewhat ragged-looking Boris discusses his long history playing the game, the competitiveness between players, and what he hopes to accomplish on the tour.

The German star also reveals how the card game reminded him so much of his time he ruled the roost in tennis:

I used to play tennis, obviously, so poker is sort of the next thing. It reminded me a lot about my past, the skills you need in poker you need in tennis as well: concentration, patience, endurance, reading the other player, I'm bluffing sometimes...
No kidding with the "bluffing" thing B.

But seriously, "concentration", "patience", and "endurance"? Really?? I had no idea tennis + poker were so similar - crazy! It's good to know you've put those skills to good use and they won't get rusty in your dusty tennis bag.

Hey Rafa - if this tennis thing doesn't work out you'll always have a spot on the poker tour (some people have all the luck.)

Check out the full video here.

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