Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Top ballers hit the press line for Kremlin Cup party

Monday, October 6, 2008

PHOTO OP: Top ballers hit the press line for Kremlin Cup party

Top ballers have gathered in Moscow for the Kremlin Cup and they all made their way onto the press line for the tourney's kick-off party today:

A prettied-up Svetlana Kuznetsova looks like she's trying to trash her tomboy image, going decidedly fem for her walk down the press line. I honestly didn't think it was possible but I have to say it's a nice evolution for Sveta.

Elena Dementieva looking minimalist and modern in sleek head-to-toe black (accessories included).

Former Roland Garros champ and mom Anastasia Myskina made a rare appearance on the press line with Roland Garros finalist Dinara Safina. It's great to see Anastasia out and about with the WTA lady ballers.

I don't know why Nicole Vaidisova even bothers to show up to tourneys these days. If anyone needs an extended break to get herself together it's this Czech - and I'm not just talking about her outfit either.

Just pure hotness from Marat Safin.

Alize Cornet had a short stay in Moscow already - she was narrowly beaten 6-7(3), 6-3, 6-4 by Amelie Mauresmo today. Get thee to a hair stylist, stat.

Speaking of Amelie, here she is looking her relaxed best in jeans, black knee-length coat, and grey silk scarf. The Frenchie seems to know what works on her best - she never looks like she's trying to hard.

Vera Zvonareva's working a peasant blouse here. It was never my fave trend but this one isn't so bad.

Potito Starace + Flavia Pennetta looked cozy taking photos on the press line. Sorry Flavia, but he's not Carlos Moya. Nice try, though.

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  1. Wow I would have never recognized Svetlana!!

  2. Sveta, lookin' good!

    What's that last bit about Moya mean?

  3. LOVE sveta.
    LOVE Lena D.

    I think my unstraight side is coming out, but then you had to temper that with a piece of Safin hotness.

    Nadalfan - Penetta used to date Moya.

  4. Kuzy looks great from a distance but when its a close-up photo, I dunno how to put it.

    Maybe you want to judge this photo instead:

  5. Wait, wait, wait...that's Kuzy???!!! In a dress???!!!
    *checks outside to see if four horsemen are riding down her street*

  6. hcfoo: makeup=bad, total look=pretty good. i'll give you that one.

    babz: the more the merrier for you!

    kuzy's trying to change her ways - maybe there's a special someone in her life. one never knows!

  7. Alize Cornet is Michael Jackson's daughter. The nose tells the story.

  8. I love the way Amelie Mauresmo rocks scarfs. I hate Elena's look perhaps because she wore the exact same thing shopping at Stuttgart (check out the wta tour website.) I absolutely love Dinara's dress. Vaidisova= eww wtf?

  9. Elena is way too fond of that jacket, she wore it at Montreal too and it looks like the same purse.

  10. tennis observer: LOL!

    sara + anon: maybe it's elena's off-court uniform. one less thing to think about i suppose. you know, like when regular people go to work, they have their staples so they don't have to think about it every morning. could it be hers? okay, i think about these things way too much - WTF?!

  11. I've finally figured out the right word. I thought she looked like a she-male close-up.

    Gosh I'm bad.

  12. Kuzy: Whoa, I didn't even recognize her! Much better than before I think. And finally a normal hairstyle (I'm still thinking of those horrendous braids).

    Vaidisova: ew, something went wrong with that style...

    I like Elena's style though. Refreshingly it's kinda casual and not too dolled up.


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