Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Shirtless Fernando gives lucky racquet a ride

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PHOTO OP: Shirtless Fernando gives lucky racquet a ride

Keeping with the obvious theme this morning of shirtless ballers, DtL reader Rafafan tipped me off to these sexy shots of Spain's Fernando Verdasco, now the newest member of the shirtless brigade.

I'm not sure what this photoshoot was for - but seriously, who the hell cares? I think we all knew he had a bodacious body but it's always good to have proof. How about we change the rules for Davis Cup to have the teams compete as shirts vs. skins? I think people might actually tune in again.

Now we also know why Ana Ivanovic wants to hop on this Spanish train. Well Ana, get to hoppin'!

(image via


  1. Those abs are just waiting for my tongue.

    Hold on Gonzo baybee, I'm booking my ticket now.

    Srsly though, can he pull that underwear a little bit lower so I can feast on his hipbones? That'd make my day.

  2. babz: LMAO! How is it you've already made my day babz??? I love it. He looks so hot in the last pic, it's like an invitation to do some of those things you mentioned.

  3. Sorry, I can't get past that ridiculous hairstyle. Can't admire the body when you resemble a parrot on top. I'll leave him for babz & ana to fight over. My money's on babz and her tongue.

  4. Rich - glad to be of service.

    natch - I don't like to be discriminating. I mean look at Murray now. Imagine how hot Gonzo'd be if he gets a skull trim.. Oh lord I just made myself uncomfortable.

    Is it bad if I tell you all that my real name can be shortened to Ana? Dum Dum De Dum Dum.

  5. What an exhibitionist! Not that I'm complaining or anything.

  6. Oeh this remembers me of the US Open! There I also saw him exercising without shirt..Not so bad ;)
    Oke I don't really understand the thing about the shirts vs. skins (I think it has to do something with my English). Do you mean one team wears shirts and the other one doesn't? Anyway, if the Davis Cup final between Spain and Argentina would be about who has the best looking members, Spain would defenitely win! ^^
    Those pictures made my day!

  7. The dude is a schmuck but he's tasty. Do what you gotta do, Ana.

  8. he looks more and more like Lou Diamond Phillips every day...

  9. Holy Jesus. I just realized I mistaken Verdasco for Gonzo. Jesus, I am so embarrassed. It was the abs, I tell you.

  10. b2012: interesting observation - let's hope it stops right here...and right now.

    babz: LOL - how could you mistake the two? gonzo's body carpet would've gotten in the way of those rippling abs.

  11. There's so many latina hunks in tennis, I couldn't keep track.

  12. I've been waiting for the right baller to dethrone Marat as my computer wallpaper. Thank you Fernando.

    Even though Fernando by Abba isn't hott at all, I can't get it out of my head at the moment :)

  13. There are more of these pictures on Getty images . They were taken back in August in LA. Check out this one:

  14. ..while Nando is quite the looker, the parrot needs to go. And, the photos look a little contrived, no? Which just adds to the whole cheese factor..

  15. Hola Chico!!! o_O
    What would I do without this blog? Who would make my day instead?!

    My fave is the third picture - great smile, great body, grrrreat Emporio boxers.

    Nando, if you like Emporio so much, you might wanna try and hop into my handbag - very comfy there. You could be like my own little Paris Hilton doggie. :P

    BTW natch: The parrot comment is hilarious! :D


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