Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Rafa + Venus share Bart's unfortunate pit problem

Monday, October 20, 2008

PHOTO OP: Rafa + Venus share Bart's unfortunate pit problem

It seems Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams have more in common than being this year's Wimbledon champs. Following in the infamous steps of Marion Bartoli, both ballers were spotted with their own personal pit problems.

Now granted, Rafa's been gracing us with his bush ever since he started working the sleeveless Nike shirts - but let this be a strong argument to put that trend out of its misery (and ours) and for a tour wide "man-scape".

And for all of V's usual glamour, I'm surprised she'd get-up-and-go without noticing her hairy situation.

Why don't they just make it part of their morning rituals: Racquets? Check! Tennis fashions? Check! Blackberry? Check! Sharpees for autograph seeking hounds? Check! Closely clipped and clean pits? Check check!

See, that's not so difficult.

PS- Thanks to DtL reader Allison for the image link to V!

(image via imageshack, Getty)


  1. If I have that much money, as a woman, I'd just get it lasered off. The pit hair, that is. I hate shaving (itch), I hate tweezing, and we don't really have a nice, cheap solution for waxing here in the 3rd world.

    As for Rafa.. Well.. I don't really mind.. He's got his arms to cover it up.. Oh fuck me, what am I talking about. I think it's sexy. There.

  2. now you're out of the hairy pit closet!

  3. Usually I'm all in the "guys please shave" league, but with Rafa it's different. I don't know why, but it kinda suits him. This raw, manly, animal-like passion and all... LOL
    But I guess it's mainly because no matter what he does, he could never creep me out. He's just too yummy.

    Anyways, I couldn't even finish reading the article as I was much distracted by Rafa's dead sexy look in that picture... o_O

  4. sonja: like i said a "man-scape" just nicely trimmed - so it's not like fire coming out of the pit (no pun intended)

    i love that we're discussing pit hair - my day is complete!

  5. As is on Rafa works just fine for me.

  6. I guess Rafa's anus is hairy as hell and a dingleberry field

  7. I don't mind a trim. PLEASE trim. Just saying I don't mind it not shaved. Rafa's er, patch (LOL) is just nice.

    Hairy pit closet.. Kilt closet.. Cowboy closet.. Shaved heads closet.. British men closet.. Size closet.. you name it I've got it, and I'm not ashamed to share.

    Sonja - my bff said "please don't get offended but Nadal looks a bit neanderthal sometimes". But that's the appeal! Isn't it? :D Animal magnetism, anyone?

  8. tennis observer - jealous much?

    Next time try to come up with a smarter comment before you pick on someone.

  9. babz said it best:

    "As for Rafa.. Oh fuck me, what am I talking about. I think it's sexy. There."


  10. jealous much to what? to picking butt after every point?

  11. I don't think Venus has hairy pits. Most black women have darker armpits; it's called hyperpigmentation. If you notice, it always looks like Venus and Serena have hair there but it's just a different shade of skin. I have the same thing.

  12. Ah...that looks like hair to me not darker skin.

  13. For many players, it's a superstitious thing not to shave to keep a winning streak during tournament. At least it works for Venus ;)

  14. hcfoo: interesting point - could it be she doesn't shave because she's superstitious? even if it's true i'm sure it's not the weirdest one out there with the ballers.

    anyone know of any weirder superstitions they ballers might have? i've heard about not stepping on the lines, eating at the same restaurant and the same meal...any others?

  15. i agree with the other anon. i think venus shaves/ed, she just has darker armpits, as does serena.

  16. Absolutely babz, it's all about the raw magnetism. Oy, I wonder where else he might be the animal he's on court.... *faints*

    LOL and what is it with tennis observer?
    Yeah he picks his butt during points. You know what, that is kinda OLD NEWS. And apparently it doesn't hold him back from winning Grand Slam finals and being the World No. 1 - now there's something to be jealous about.

  17. 'He's just too yummy.'
    Haha exactly!

    About the superstitions..Rafa also doesn't shave his face during Grand Slams!
    Yeah and the well-known things like not stepping on the lines, turning his bottles etc.
    Wasn't it Björn Borg who did the repeating? At Wimbledon, because he won his match, so the next day he did everything exactly the same and at the same time..?
    There was some Spanish lady baller who takes the same shower every day in the ladies room, but I don't remember who :P

  18. the hair on venus' pit isnt that bad.


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